Who Says you Need a Laboratory?

So this might be one of the craziest headlines I have ever read. In case you missed it – Physicist in Omaha is still working on a warp drive in his garage, yep that is correct.

Wow, so where to start with this one. Honestly it sounds like something out of a sifi novel. For a half a second let’s put all jokes aside here. The article states that a professor from Oklahoma has been conducting experiments in his garage, along with some of this colleagues, and has come across some fascinating stuff. He claims that he has found a way to “warp” space and can prove it. I will take this time to remind everyone that I am not a physicist, but I see it as a hobby of mine. Recently I posted about humans and if we could ever create faster than light travel. 

My previous post basically all but ruled out “warping” space-time to create FTL travel. But if you read the above article, this guy in Omaha seems to think it is possible, and is doing it in his basement. I am not sure what to believe, but the professor does say that he wants others to review his work and prove that he is wrong. He also talks about the academic world and how they are very snobbish, my word, when it comes to stuff like this. Which I totally agree with. I would love it for this guy, and his group of esteemed professionals working in his garage, to figure out something that the multi-billion dollar Hadron Collider could not figure out. How cool would that be?

If this is truly possible and he is able to warp space-time, then that is truly amazing, but for now I am going to be skeptical. Still though I am not ruling out the possibility, until someone reviews his work and explains that what he has done is false. Therein lies another issue I have with the academic world, because this guy is going this in his garage, and not in some investor funded facility or laboratory, he is getting no respect from basically anyone else in the field. That really bothers me as far as the advancement of technology and society goes. What is wrong with the academic community that they cannot put aside their massive egos for the better of mankind. Einstein is a household name that has been proven wrong on more than one occasion.

This guy may be a total crack, but I would rather know that for certain before I completely dismiss him as such just because. I am not saying this could be the answer that totally changes our species, but he could be on to something that leads to the answers we are looking for. Let’s say for the sake of playing the game that his guy did somehow stumble upon a way to actually warp space time using only the normal power grid that everyone has access too. The implications of this find could be extraordinary, like Noble Prize extraordinary.

Still I am skeptical, as anyone should be, but I still hate the fact that none of his peers will at least look at his research. That bothers me to no end about the academic community. As I mentioned above in a previous post, there are quite a few problems with this solution to FTL travel. I guess it is important to keep in mind that this guy says he can warp space, whereas in the other article the problem was that a spaceship warping space and moving would smash into particles and eventually discharge them creating massive amount of energy and bombarding whatever was in front of the spaceship with massive amounts of radiation. You can see where this would be an issue.

But first thing first, we first have to figure out how to warp space-time. Then I would imagine there would be a whole other set of problems, including the one I just mentioned, to go along with this technology. I would imagine that we will have to come up with additional breakthroughs and technology once, and if, we reach this point. This is the first example I could think of where a new-er technology needed additional tech to function properly. In the Vietnam War the US govt just introduced the brand new M16 rifle. In large part it was mostly a failure for a variety of reasons, one being the type of gun powder used in the new 5.66 Nato round the weapon shoots. It was a dirty sticky powder that gummed up the weapon and caused misfires and jams. As you can imagine in a fire fight this could be a very bad situation, a weapon that does not shoot when you need it to. So the government went back to the drawing board and began using a more advanced cleaner powder in the rounds which eventually eliminated a large portion of the jams. There were a few other fixes as well but you get the idea. This is a somewhat odd example, but shows that just because we invent something new, there are often a multitude of additional problems that will come along with the new technology.

I think that if we ever figure out the first step, we will still be miles away from figuring out how to travel faster that light safely and reliably. All I am saying is that I will not be signing up for a FTL training mission any time soon.









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