When will our luck run out?

The Myans predicted that the world would end in December of 2012. Thank goodness that that was a failed prediction. I was not a doomsday prepper but I was curious as to what if anything was going to happen on that day in December. Check out the below article.


I found this article over the weekend and from the looks of it the Myans were not too far off from their prediction. In fact they missed their prediction by 6 months and one week. I say one week because if the storm had happened one week earlier the Myans would have been right, just 6 months early. It sounds a little confusing but again if the solar storm erupted a week earlier the earth would have been in the line of fire, thus basically destroying every electronic device and crippling the power grid. In the simplest terms that, more or less, ends our modern civilization…for a few years at least.

The above article talks about the devastating effects that could have taken place a few years ago. It is a pretty scary read to realize that the modern civilization could really have ended. The real question is, was it just a coincidence that the Myans predicted the world to end that same year, or did they really have some ancient knowledge and slightly miscalculated their prediction? Regardless, I think we are very very lucky to have dodged that bullet. But I think our luck may run out, NASA says we have a 12% chance of being hit by a similar solar storm in the future.


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