What is Reality?

The tile of this post is as broad as it is long, but perhaps this video can help make some sense of the question.

If you follow what the video is saying it kind of makes sense. But still is very hard to comprehend, basically the one thing that can help, more or less definitively, explain reality is only made real in our minds. So this is more or less the ultimate Catch-22. The only thing that makes reality some what explainable is made real by our consciousness, which is something that we really cannot explain. That sound you hear is my brain exploding!

What really confuses me in the video is that when they talk about nothing. Is it the noun, meaning that nothing (as if nothing were a thing) is real. Or do them mean that nothing is real, everything is not real. If nothing is in fact real, then what does that mean? So many questions!! This will certainly make your head hurt.





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