To Infinity and Beyond!

While I love this idea, I am hard-pressed to say that I came up with it first. And I am mostly kidding but still, it is funny how just a few days ago I wrote about a very similar idea. As much as I would like to give myself credit for coming up with this idea, my post was basically a jumbled mess of incoherent thoughts and ideas, but still it had the same basic points. Give this article a quick read as I thought it was fascinating.

Dr. Lanza claims that the universe gives rise to consciousness, rather than the body giving rise to it though the brain. He also says that consciousness is universal and that it created the universe, or something along those lines. I don’t think I can jump on board with this theory, just yet. As much as I would like it to be true, and it may be, I have a hard time understanding this. I believe that the body give rise to consciousness through some unexplained phenomena in the brain, not the other way around. I am on the fence about the ability to destroy the consciousness and think he could be on to something here. I came up with a similar theory a few weeks ago, but no one knows who I am so the internet was not a buzz as when I announced my new radical idea. As I have said many times before I do not believe in a completely new idea, everything more or less gets recycled. Anyways, I think this could be possible and would be interested to talk to this guy more in-depth about his theory.

The other problem I have is that he says consciousness cannot be destroyed but it simply travels to another universe after we die. So then my consciousness technically came from another diseased me in another universe? If this is the case why don’t I remember that life, or any of those memories that Spalding Manik had? I would think that based on his theory consciousness should be able to retain all its memories as it travels to different universes. That would seem to make the most sense, but I also don’t remember receiving an additional consciousness anytime recently.

Maybe when you die there are so many you’s across the multiverse that all your consciousness is called to someplace to be together. Like the consciousness is so powerful that it is split into infinite pieces and upon death they are drawn back together to make the complete you, the you that is comprise of every infinite possibility of you that has existed and will ever exist. My new master theory stops there, after that I am not sure what happens or why this would take place. Perhaps it is something like the Geese when they fly South for the winter, or the baby turtle knows which way the ocean is, it is their instinct, when we die our consciousness is drawn to someplace where all of the you’s out there collect. I cannot figure out the purpose of this other than to redistribute when, and or if, it all starts over again, as I think time is infinitely cyclical. So they all collect to be redistributed again forever, infinitely across the multiverse. Maybe if the universe is a giant computer program they all collect so that when everything resets the consciousness’ will be redistributed throughout the multiverse once again, that way no information gets lost or damaged in the process as I am sure that is a lot of code and data to process. I would think that if it were able to roam free in the multiverse it could risk getting damaged or destroyed, although he claims this is impossible.

I would like to believe this idea but I think that consciousness could be destroyed one way or the other. And honestly there is no way to tell that your consciousness is not destroyed upon your death anyways, so it’s hard to say. If it were immortal or independent of time that would certainly be interesting. There again, that seems really cool but at the end of the day also seems really boring. What the hell would you do, the multiverse is massive it would take you forever to get from one place to the other. Although I would think travel could be instant as the laws of physics would not necessarily apply to your consciousness, so potentially you could travel faster than the speed of light or be somewhere in an instant. I like this idea, I am just stuck on a few of the particulars of the theory. If our consciousness cannot be destroyed, then what? If it is free to roam to other universes’ what then? Maybe it searches for the next body to inhabit, the next body to house itself. Even if that were the case I would think that eventually there would be too many consciousness’ out there and not enough physical bodies to house them, so what happens then?

As I have already said I like this theory, but at the end of the day I have a hard time making it make sense, but there is also the mindset that none of this makes any sense (Absurdism) so why should what happens to our consciousness. Why would the consciousness seek out a mortal body, that just seems odd to me. Maybe it will waste away if it does not find a body, but he said it cannot be destroyed. Also consciousness is universal in the universe, but again why would it seek out a body and mind to be housed in? To me it seems like a consciousness would get along just fine by itself, I don’t think it needs a body.

I guess the real question is, if this is true, what would you do with eternity and the ability to travel the multiverse? That, like so many other questions, is an unknowable…


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