The Predictable Future.

I came across both of these articles the other day and they got me thinking, I know scary right!

As you know I have always been fascinated with the idea of time. I have always had too many questions about what it, and why we remember the past but not the future. My questions about the subject are literally endless. I read the below article, and it was pretty interesting about how and why there is the thing we call time.


After reading this article I started thinking again about all the different aspect of time and how it flows. I remember from The Fabric of the Cosmos by Brian Greene he states that time is like a loaf of bread, and if you were to slice it at any one point you could see what was happening at that particular time-slice. Maybe in that time-slice you are in mid stride on a long run, or riding your bike along an old country road, or more likely you are sitting at your desk staring at a computer screen pretending to work while keeping an eye out for your boss. Then the cosmic carver takes another time-slice and now you have moved but just ever so slightly. You have completed your next step on your run. That is the way it was explained to me and makes the most sense. Now here is what I was thinking. This time loaf should go on to infinity, or as long as time or the universe will last, so technically you could, if it were possible, look at this time loaf and predict/see your own future?

It is a loaded question I know, and my knowledge of the subject if very limited, but looking at the past you could rewind the time loaf like an old VHS tape and see exactly where you were at any point in time. I have read multiple times that there is nothing in the world of physics preventing us from time traveling, it simply comes down to a matter of technology and how to manipulate the physical world to make it happen. So if we can rewind the tape so to speak then why can’t we fast-forward is as well?

Even though it may not look like it our world is based off a quantum world that we cannot see. I have written about Schrödinger’s cat along with another post that dives into the fact that what we see in reality is a far cry from what is observed at the quantum level. Recently I found an article that states why that is and that it is not necessarily the case.


time-flies-1214482-mSo if our universe is governed by very small particles and they have a past and a future, meaning we can see where they were and where they are going, could we not in tern see where we will be tomorrow or 10 years from now. As I said this is a very loaded question and one that encompasses physics as well as philosophy it terms of free will. But I agree with Greene that we have the allusion of free will, not actual free will. So if that is the case then once again our lives are predictable and should we find the technology we should be able to predict them.

Another question that comes to mind is that if we could predict them and what was going to happen tomorrow or at some point in the future, could we, or would we be able to change them? I have no idea how to answer that. It seems simple enough that if you saw you would be in a car accident on the way to work and killed. You certainly would either not go to work or at the very least take an alternate. If this were possible I think it would mess with the physics of reality and in a sense undermine everything I have mentioned above. So what if we could see the future, but it was not the future that will necessarily come to pass. If we could see the future but it was the future in another universe, that would technically keep everything and everyone mentioned above happy, or at least I think. So then if I was able to change my future because I saw myself be killed in a car accident, maybe that happened in another universes’ future and I do not go to work that day thus changing my own future creating another alternate universe. Don’t know about you but my head is about to explode!!!


I do not believe that humanity will ever have the technology to confirm any of these speculations but nonetheless it is fun and challenging to think about. Again I am not an expert but from what I know, or think I know, that it is theoretically possible to see and know our own future. That real question is that will it be our real future, that will come to pass. There are so many things about the universe that we don’t know, know we don’t know, and don’t know we don’t know. That last one is the definitely the scariest or most exciting however you want to look at it. The unknown unknowns could very well be infinite, we surprisingly don’t know.



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