The Best of the Worst

As you may have seen there is an election that is going to take place in the coming weeks. It is by far the craziest mess I have seen in my lifetime when it comes to politics and I am sure many would agree with that statement. I am not here to peruse my political agenda I just wanted to talk about the race and the craziness that has taken place. And I think we can all agree that neither of these two people should be President.

When I was in Cinque Terre I talked to a German couple for hours about the election and politics and such. Sarah, said that it reminded her of something off the Simpsons, which I thought was quite funny. While I would not disagree with that statement, but I would have certainly used a much crazier show to describe the race, but I think you get the idea. Even those in other countries are laughing at us and our candidates. I did my best to hold my tongue as I wanted to tell her that Germany has its own problems to worry about.

So I guess we will start with Trump. I think it is safe to say that the main reason that most people do not like him is because he is rude, condescending, a bully, and at times mean (I could go on but I have not got all day). I would say that most people fall into that camp, or they think he is a racist. I would say that those are reasons that the majority of the people are not voting for him. I also think that he is not very “Presidential” acting, which I think equates to professionalism. I mean look at times he acts like a child or spoiled little brat. Still though the thing that I find interesting is that all of those things I mentioned above are personality traits or personality flaws. What is also interesting is that the majority of the voters vote on this aspect, not necessarily policy. Which is surprising because what will affect you more the fact that trump is a big baby or that he says he will cut taxes across the board? I hope you see the point I am trying to make.

The other thing that some people cannot get past are the rape allegations. This is a weird one to me for a few reasons. First I am not sure if any of it happened at all. Look, based on many of his comments it certainly looks like he could have done this. The leaked video and some of the things he says certainly would not put these actions out of the realm of possibility, BUT it appears there is no evidence to support these allegations. What I have a problem with and question the validly of the situation is the fact that they have all come out now, right now when these allegations could damage him the most. Why did they not come out when he was on the show The Apprentice, or closer to when they supposable happened. He was certainly rich then and they could have gotten a pay day. I am not saying they did not happen, but to date I have not heard any truth to what they have said. In fact most have been debunked from what I have heard. So again it would appear that these people came forward with the intention to damage Trump as he runs for office. I am sure he is no saint, but I have a real problem with these allegations if they are indeed untrue.

I will also say that there are some similarities between Trump and Cosby, many women have come out of the woodwork making these allegations. HOWEVER, Cosby is a nobody now, which in my opinion makes these allegations a little more serious. The reason I say that is because these women have nothing to gain. At one time Cosby was an extremely famous comedian, but now he is basically an afterthought and until these allegations came out I dare say no one even had him in their minds. Whereas if you look at what is going on with Trump he is arguably at the height of his career and could still very well become the President of the United States. So I think you have to take them with a grain of salt, but I am not saying they are not true, just that I have some trouble taking them as fact.

Trumps policies seem somewhat intriguing, although I have read and heard from multiple sources that his fiscal policies will add a ton to the national debt and most say that what he wants to do is not possible. For me the biggest thing he is proposing is taxes. I think some simple economics are in order here. Let’s say that Company Awesome makes Awesome Stuff, everyone loves Awesome Stuff they are selling like hot cakes. Trump wants to lower corporate taxes, so that , in theory, more companies will want to come here and set up shop and make it easier for Company Awesome to make more and expand. Believe it or not most companies are in business to make money, shocker I know. So, again, in theory lowering corporate taxes could attract more companies which means more jobs. Also if corporate taxes are higher, who do you think is going to foot that cost. Do you believe that the corporations will just say, “You know what I think we will just eat that cost or higher taxes and keep our prices the same. We are such good hearted people that we will take a loss on this one. Everyone agree.” I mean come on, no company in their right mind would do that. What they will do is just pass that cost right on to the consumer, YOU. So if Clinton raises corporate taxes and Awesome Stuff which use to cost $10 a piece now cost $15, to make because of the increased taxes. What do you think Awesome Company is going to do then to their price? They are going to raise it by $5 to offset the tax, that is just simple economics. And at the end of the day the consumer is the loser in all this.

I know a lot of people are saying that capitalism is bad and what not, but when you use common sense about some of these things they may not make sense like the politicians are saying. Like Trump’s plan, while it looks great I am not sure he can cut taxes and grow the economy like he says, and experts agree. Another thing to keep in mind is that market analyst are scared of Trump as he is unpredictable, which I would agree with. The problem here is that the market reacts to these things and usually negatively. While I can see there is some degree of fear as to what Trump will do if elected I honestly do not think he will have the power to manipulate the market or have a real influence. Obama has had little effect on the market either positive or negative, although he has had less than 3% growth his entire Presidency. Which is not very good. What I think it interesting or at least odd is that Trump is a finance guy and from what I have read seems to want less regulation in the market, yet Wall Street is in fear of what he will do. How does that make sense, when the government put regulations in place all Wall Street executives bitch and complain about it, yet when a Prudential Candidate says he will basically let WS do what they want they say he is unpredictable and the markets take a down turn. Seems strange to me.


Now on to Clinton. I will say that I think she is probably more qualified than Trump, as she has spent about 30 years in public office. But I think that the reason some voters are hesitant to vote for her is her track record. It seems like she has had some very public missteps along the way. That is not to say that Trump has not, but when Trump messes up usually people do not die. The whole Bengazi ordeal certainly left a bad taste in many Americans mouths’. I will defend her in that I am sure there is a chain of command and at some point a decision was made, either with or without her knowledge. So while she was blamed I am not sure she should have gotten 100% of it, but the captain goes down with the ship and perhaps she should have been more informed as to what was going on.

The other thing is the corruption and this is something to have to admit had bothered me. I have pretty lax moral standards for the most part when it comes to almost anything, whatever affects me less is usually what I am for, but the blatant corruption surrounding her is really mind boggling. I am willing to overlook a certain amount of corruption in my candidate as I think for the most part, and this is sad to say, it comes with the territory of public office. Almost all of our candidates have their pockets filled with lobbyist dollars telling them what laws they would like to see passed. This is sad but again I am willing to mostly turn a blind eye to this as it is out of sight out of mind. This is certainly an interesting article and I agree with most of it, other than his “fixes” as they are way too liberal for me. I don’t think taxing anyone 60% or higher is a good idea. However, with Hillary it is up front and center and the corruption is right in your face. For me I have a hard time overlooking that.

The Pay for Play, or Pay for Special Access to the Clintons is certainly alarming, at least to me. There is also the giving of government money and contracts to her friends to help rebuild Haiti, and the list goes on. To me it seems like something out of a movie. Through Wikileaks there are emails where she took money from Qatar and many other Middle Eastern countries for her campaign. Which that does not bother me, but then I have a hard time believing that you are a champion for women’s rights as in almost all of those countries women are second class citizens. Hypocrites really bother me. And I know you are saying well Trump talks about grabbing women and all that, true. But so far there seems to be no truth to what those women are saying, which means that they are just words. Whereas Clinton says she is for women’s rights yet she takes money from these terrible countries, defended a rapist when she was a lawyer and bragged about getting him out of the charges, and is still married to Bill need I say more. He has had a few well documented “run ins” with other women.

Another thing that really bothers me is how Clinton lied under oath and did not go to jail. That whole situation is really strange and really bothers me as well. I mean there is no doubt that she lied, they have evidence she did, and she sent classified emails on her personal server which is another problem. Look I am not sure you have heard of this guy, Kristian Saucier, but Google his name. It also bothers me when the law seems to apply to one set of people but not the other. Also, there is a significant change that a new investigation will be opened into Clinton after the Weiner fiasco. So that is something else that is hovering over the Clinton Campaign.

Because no one asked here Is what I think will happen. I think Hillary will win as from what I have seen it will be extremely hard for Trump to get all the states he needs to reach 270. So it looks like Hillary will be our next President, BUT and this is a big one. I also think there is a greater than 50% chance that she will get Impeached. From what I have heard and read it looks like there is enough evidence to bring charges against her. Now, whether that will happen or not is another story. As I said above the law seems not to apply to the Clintons.

To me there is a main turn off for each candidate. Trump has a terrible personality and acts like a child at times, while Hillary seems to be one of the most corrupt politicians we have ever seen. I think that is an oversimplification but on some level I think that is right. Obviously neither is great, but it is all we have, Giant Douche or Turd Sandwich 2016 take you pick!


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