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I recently read an article about the tragic suicide of a very famous actor in the past few weeks. I do not want to name the actor as whoever they are is not the point of this post. In the article I was reading it talked about how many famous comedians had committed suicide in the last few years, the number were staggering.  What I found most fascinating about the article is that there has been many studies done that strongly link creativity to mental disorders and mood disorders, such as depression.


“Humor often requires the ability to ‘think outside the box’ or see unusual connections where others don’t, and this reflects, in a more muted form, the thought process and pattern seen in psychosis.”


I agree with the statement above that was taken from the article I have posted below. I have often though it is very difficult to write jokes that will make people laugh. It is often difficult to understand what is funny or make a certain situation funny.

For as much bashing as I say about brain and how primitive it is, possibly compared to another beings brain (or whatever they would have) there is still so much we do not know or understand. This is just another example of how complicated the thing between our ears is. I also recently read an article about why most people are right handed. There are many theories and one of the main ones has to do with our language center. Most people’s language center is located in the right side of their brains. Therefore that leaves the left side free to take care of most of the physical tasks. Or at least that is how I understood it. Like I said there are many theories about how this trait came into being as we are pretty much the only animals to do this. Even in primates they do not show a handedness, so it is very bizarre that we would develop this trait.

But again what I think is most interesting about all this is that there is such a close correlation between mental illness and what we consider a creative genius in the individuals field. Why is it that with the ability to tap into such creativity goes hand in hand with a strong connection to mental illness? The brain is such a bizarre device to say the least.

Below is the article I am talking about, it is pretty short and a good read.


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