So, when I was a young chap I was near obsessed with conspiracy theories, not in a dangerous way, but just liked the idea that maybe the world we lived in was more fanciful than it appeared. There was no doubt in my mind that the Loch Ness monster was real, Big Foot lived in the Pacific Northwest, and aliens crashed in Roswell New Mexico, everyone knew that. But as time went on and I got a little wiser (no offense to anyone who still believes in things mentioned above), I began to realize that as much as I wanted the world to be filled with these incredible tales and that some of them could possibly be real, was certainly more exciting than reality itself.

I think it is mostly safe to say that both the Loch Ness monster and Big Foot probably do not exist, as there has been very little if any hard core evidence that has come to light in the recent years. That leaves the Roswell incident and after more than 68 years, today is actually the anniversary, there are still a ton of unanswered questions.

First I want to say that I am not a 100% believer that an alien craft crash landed in the New Mexico desert, but I do think something happened and it would appear that the government executed some sort of a cover-up. There is a ton a play here, which is why this event is shrouded in so much mystery.   

So the facts are that something, that said something is of much dispute, crashed in Roswell, New Mexico nearly 70 years ago. That is really about it, from there everything becomes a jumbled mess of he said she said. Whatever crashed in the desert left behind some debris which was found by a man named Marcel. He is reported as saying that the debris was “nothing made of this earth,” which sounds odd. Shortly after reporting this incident the Air Force confiscated the debris and says that it was a weather balloon and nothing more.  

It could very well have been a weather balloon, but Marcel says the material was nothing he had ever seen before. Apparently the “weather balloon debris” was made of tin foil, some wooden sticks, and some tape. Marcel claims the “tin foil” was so strong that he could not damage it no matter what he did to it.

It was not until 1994 that the Air Force released any new information on the incident, stating that the debris was probably not a weather balloon but something from top secret Project Mogul. Again in 1997 the Air Force released another statement that the bodies that many claimed to have seen could have been from another top secret project called Operation High Dive. These two projects were there to explain the events that took place in Roswell 68 years ago.

Sadly there is no real hard evidence that suggest a real UFO crashed in the desert, despite the fact that it would be super cool. I see where the Air Force felt the need to cover up whatever crashed in the desert. The was around the height of the Cold War and I am sure the government didn’t want the Russians to get a hold of any information. With that being said Project Mogul did not seem like something that needed to be top secret and I doubt it would have made any difference in geo politics had they found out. So why all the secrecy?

That is the strangest part of this whole mess, why all the secrecy if it was nothing more than a high altitude microphone or dropping crash dummies from space? In reality I am sure the officials wanted to keep everything very tight lipped, the less the public knows the better, but still makes you wonder though. I have a friend that works at Wright Patterson Air Force base and I often tease  him about if he has seen any aliens at the base. Supposedly that is where the took the wreckage and the dead aliens after the crash.

The one thing that I find fascinating and interesting is the theory that an alien craft did crash in the desert and we were able to reverse engineer much of the technology on the ship. There is the theory that much of our technological leap, which began around the 1950’s, was because of alien technology. I cannot say that I am on board with this idea, but it does make you wonder just a little. Still if you look at the natural progression of the technology there seems to be a mostly normal explanation as to how and where it came about.

Regardless of what crashed in the desert in New Mexico and what you believe, what I find fascinating is that the majority of American believe that an alien craft crashed out there so many years ago. Are we, as a species, so desperate to find proof of life that we will make ourselves believe something that is almost certainly not true? Don’t get me wrong I would love to find out that all this was true, it would certainly make things, basically everything, so much more interesting. Conspiracies are fun they seem to defy logic and no matter what proof is show to the contrary there always seems to be an out. Is it plausible that an alien space ship crashed in the desert and that Marcel saw and the dead alien bodies, absolutely. Is it also plausible that the Air Force and the government went to great lengths to cover up the crash if it occurred, I would imagine so. The problem is that neither of these things are highly probable. As much as I would like it to be true I would have to say that is probably not. I know, I suck all the fun out of everything, but if you want to feel super insignificant check out the pictures in this link.   




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