PC Culture

I am not sure how this has happened but it has certainly been a very gradual process. While it will be near impossible not to get somewhat political with this post I am going to just try and talk about the changing culture and women in the military as that is what I wanted to discuss.

To me I have seen this more or less reach a head in the last 12 to 24 months. It has been called the PC (Politically Correct) culture that is shaping our lives whether we like it or not. From the protests at the University of Missouri about a year ago, to any number of political arguments that is going to cause a stir in the coming months with the presidential election. This mindset is changing our culture.

I would like to say that I am not against this idea, in principle. BUT what I am against is that having a different opinion other than what is PC is seen as racist or that I am an evil person because I do not believe what you believe. That is what I have a major problem with. I found this article very disturbing on a few different levels. When I was in college I was anti politics, I was for whatever affects me less is what I always said. Not only that but I honestly did not care because, well, I was in college and all that mattered was getting hammered, trying to mack (very unsuccessfully) on some ladies, and playing soccer. I also think there was some class thrown in there but I can’t remember. My point is that politics was something that both literally and figuratively did not matter to me mainly because it did not affect me.

I also cannot remember teachers trying to persuade us students one way or the other politically. Which based on the above article does not seem to be the case, and that is what I have a problem with. My political beliefs are a bit odd, as I am sure you would expect nothing less. Socially I am about as liberal as they come. Whatever you want to do, so long as it does not affect me, then knock yourself out. I do not care. If you are gay, no problem, you are transgender, good for you, want to smoke weed, don’t care, none of that bothers me one way or the other. In fact I dislike someone else telling me or anyone else what they can or cannot do or be when it comes to this issue. BUT when it comes to fiscal policy I am very conservative. To me I think it is very silly to be completely liberal or completely conservative. Mainly because it is hard to fit all my beliefs into one category. Even in my everyday life I have a hard time boiling myself down to a single set of principles or interests. I have such a wide variety, which I think is good, as I do not want to boiled down and be easily classified. That actually bothers me, and if I can offer any advice it would be to never let yourself be reduced to a single term, conservative, liberal, socialist, humanitarian, athlete, nerd, jock. I would even argue that if  a single term defines you, I feel very sorry for you. But I am getting off track.

What bothers me most about the article is that it appears that very liberal teachers are educating and molding young minds to a single mindset. I think this is flat out wrong, not just with politics, but really anything. Mathematics, physics, business practices you name it having a single mindset is usually probably not a good idea. Again I have nothing against liberals or conservatives, but what I have a problem with is that young minds are impressionable and not giving a young mind the complete picture is very dangerous and flat out wrong. Now if they have both sides of the argument and can come to their own conclusions and be that liberal or conservative then more power to them. Being fed a specific idea is very dangerous and I would almost liken that to a very small degree of what is going on in the middle east.

The black lives matter and the blue lives matter movement are both equally silly in my opinion. ALL LIVES MATTER. Black, blue, red, green orange, yellow, Martian, all lives matter. There was another instance of black lives matter activates tearing down a blues lives matter message board on Dartmouth Campus. Again I am not on one side or the other but tearing down the other campaign is in essence a violation of freedom of speech and possibly destruction of property. Why couldn’t they put up there protest right next to the blue lives matter have students look at both and decided what they want to believe. Hey there is good idea! But therein lies the problem with PC culture. You can have a different opinion so long as it is the same as everyone else. I think George Orwell said it best, “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”

From what I have gathered this argument and many of its believers have become irrational. If I were to say that I was against black lives matter, then I am labeled as a racist. Which is not true. I am against it because as I have said all lives matter black, white, blue, or green.

Switching gears somewhat I wanted to also throw out the fact that women are now eligible to be drafted in the military and have to register when they turn 18 like men. I am not for this or against it but simply see this as more fallout, if you will, of PC culture. Because of this movement there has been a lot of talk about how women are just as good as men at everything, everything. PC culture has pushed movies to cast more women superheroes and what have you, which is totally fine. BUT if this is the mindset, then women can also be drafted, fight and die for their country, remember they are just as good as men at everything. I think this is a very interesting argument and would love to hear a debate from both sides. In particular I would like to hear a the mental gymnastics of it all. The point is that if you think men and women are equal no matter what they are doing then women should serve and be drafted. But I am sure there will be some that say well…. Women are as good as men, but they should not serve in the military. But I would argue that that logic makes no sense. You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

To me it is an either or, either women and men are equal no matter the playing field, or they are not and we should stop acting like they are or being “politically correct” about it. But see, that last sentence is very non PC but it is the truth. We are making it seem like a woman is as strong or as fast as a man, which is not true. Just stating a fact. It is not a slight to women, just a fact. Men have more muscle therefore we are stronger and faster, that is just the way it is. So in fact that is one thing we are better at than women. It is not good or bad or even saying that women are inferior, just millions of years of evolution at play. In fact women are much better than men at certain things. Why can’t men be better at certain things and women better at certain things and why can’t we acknowledge this without the back lash? But again that is not PC, saying that a women is not as good as a man at something is not PC. But again if we are going to go down that road then women should be eligible for the draft.

I guess my overall point is that if we are going to be PC, then we need to be one million percent PC, and let that be the end of it. Otherwise we have to stop this nonsense and realize that certain people black, white, or orange are better at certain things and it is ok to say that they are better or that so and so is not as good at whatever. I think that is key, it is ok to say men are better at women at sports, or that women are more organized than men which is the reason breast cancer awareness is at the level it is. Women are much better at organizing things than men. When was the last time you heard anything about prostate cancer awareness? Yeah my point. The NFL, a league where no women are actually playing the sport, and very few are involved, even does something for breast cancer awareness.

I guess my overall argument is that I believe this PC culture is programming people to be extremely one sided to the point where not agreeing with them means you are a racist or what have you. Not even considering an alternative is extremely dangerous no matter what you are doing.



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