More Thoughts About Aliens

Keeping up with the aliens talk, I found this article and wanted to talk a little about some of the ideas proposed in the article.

The article discusses many common misconceptions and or ideas that deal with aliens. A couple of them are silly, like they will not come here to eat us, duh, yeah haven’t heard that one before, or they will not come here to mate with us, which again I found kind of odd. Still there were a few that made me think.

The first one that made me scratch my noggin was that fact that they could be immune to our bacteria. While I had read and previously thought that the things on this planet that make us sick could very well make them sick as well. While this notion is not completely false, it certainly depends. What it depends on is what the aliens are made of. At our vary base we are carbon life forms and are mostly made of water, so I would imagine that an alien that would be similar to this makeup would probably have a difficult time living on our planet as they would be similar to us but without the immunities to the many wondrous pathogens that surround us. Now there is the notion of a silicon based life form, but I have no idea how this would work but I would assume that it could be possible. So this life form may not have to worry about the microscopic critters on our planet the same would obviously go for any mechanical or robots that may visit.

I am on the fence with this idea, frankly I think their technology would or should be able to negate any effects our atmosphere would have on them including these pathogens, regardless of their makeup. I have a hard time believing that they would be immune, that seems odd to me unless it is such a bizarre life form that nothing on this planet can react with it, which is what I think the article is saying. However, I still do not wholly understand their logic. Mainly because I have read many scientist are searching for life on planets that contain water, which they think could provide a catalyst for life. Now we all know that is where life originated on our planet. So if that is where scientist are looking, I would imagine that many of them think life on another planet may not be so dissimilar from us. So again if that is the case then what this article is saying does not make sense. It seems to me they are picking and choosing their facts, and just having a narrow mindset when looking at this. I am a big proponent that I do not think all life, if it exists in the universe, will not need water. To concede the argument I am going to say that depending on the alien it very well may be immune to the bacteria on our plane for a variety of reasons, chemical makeup and technology, could be two of the main reasons.

This article once again speaks of the aliens coming to wage war on us, I feel I have talked this point to death so I won’t say much more other than I understand their logic.


Aggression evolved as a trait among Earthlings because it helps us obtain and protect resources.


I do not disagree with the above statement in any way. But if suddenly the most aggressive people on the planet started hording resources sooner or later our population would dwindle, and only the most aggressive would live. So the people left would be very aggressive, and very selfish I would add, so why would they then want to use their resources to explore space? Perhaps to horde other planets resources as well? Maybe, but I doubt it, as that would be very expensive costing a hefty amount of resources. I think aggression had its place during our evolutionary upbringing but I do not think those characteristics hold once a civil civilization has been established. It is the age old debate of state of nature vs civilization. I think most civilizations would make this leap and trade off, seems like a natural progression.

Much of our fear and aggression is no longer needed because we live in a civil society, for the most part there are of course some exceptions, where those behaviors are no longer needed or really that useful. So I highly doubt that this emotion or behavior would come to dominate a highly advance civilization that is capable of interstellar travel. I am not saying it could not happen, I am just saying that I think there is such an astronomically low scenario that this does happen that it is almost nonexistent. As I stated in my last post I think all civilizations that are able to create a social society of some sort, eventually reach a Social Singularity where either purposefully or just through the betterment of the species. Behaviors such as aggression may be weeded out as they may be less useful for the species as a whole. Again during our early evolution that behavior had its place as it would help to ensure the survival of that person’s genes, now that is no longer a problem, or a very minute problem at best, and I do not think aggression would necessary help in any way.

But as always these ideas are fun, but at the end of the day we may be the only life in the universe as the article states at the end. I have talked about this before, and honestly thing it could be a valid answer to the age old question, are we alone? I honestly have a hard time accepting that answer as the universe and perhaps the multiverse is just way too massive for that to be true. Depending on which theory about the universe you believe in, this could be the one universe where we are the only ones, or life is so rare in our universe that the height of the few civilizations that do exist will never cross. Meaning that while in the next 300 years or so, if we make it, I would say should potentially reach the height of our civilization, whatever that may be. So that coinciding with another civilization’s height may be extremely rare, so that there is almost no way we would know about each other. It seems that there may just be more dumb luck at play than we realize.


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