I came across this article the other day. In the months since this happened the story had kind of died down now as no new information or evidence has come to light. I am amazed that in this day and age with the near infinite tracking and location devices we have available, that we continue to lose things such as an airplane. How does someone lose an object weighing in excess of 500,000 pounds?

I admit that I have not followed this story with that much intensity but the below article was interesting and a fairly solid theory on what happened to the plane.




I will keep this post brief, as the basis of the theory consist of a multitude of geopolitical aspects and I don’t really want to talk about that. Although the only thing I will say is that I do not follow his logic, when it come to this aspect of his theory. I do not think Putin would want to steal a 777 just to prove that he can to the West. That does not make sense to me, although I do think he is somewhat of a Looney Toon, I don’t see the point in those actions. Plus, if the theory is correct, what would he do with a stolen 777 and the hundreds of passengers on board?

While it is just a theory and honestly he seems to have some very sound evidence to back it up, it still does not make sense. Anyways it is an interesting read, one that I did not mind the length of because it covered the facts of the story. It was not the usual lengthy article that went into every detail about where the author ate last night, where he went to learn how to fly, and what his wife’s name is along with their children. So I will give this guy props on a well written informative, and straight forward article,  a very intriguing and interesting theory on the missing flight mh370.


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