Live Inside the Mind

I came across this article the other day and it got me thinking about a few different things that I wanted to share and talk about.

The article talks about brain waves and other things dealing with the mind and that got me thinking, scary I know. What if we have spent all our time and resources trying to figure out reality, or what we think is reality, basically the stuff outside our bodies i.e. nature when we should be focusing on our brain and controlling our own minds as that is where reality actually takes place. Reality, as we define it is just what each of our brains interprets from the stimulation it receives from outside the body.

Our brain interprets the world so in the end I wonder if we are truly helpless to change it, perhaps the changes need to occur in our own minds.

I think most would agree that the brain is in some aspect a massive computer and or database, and is by all accounts the most advanced and sophisticated computer in the known universe. So think about in your daily life or at your work you manipulate massive amounts of data for reports and other purposes for running and maintaining the business. I would think my idea would work in a very similar sense. There is so much data stored in the brain and most people do not remember even a fraction of it or for that matter can recall it at any given point. Imagine if you could instantly retrieve that data and relive a memory or certain time of your life, basically manipulating the data in your head to portray a reality, while this may not be the “real” reality but again I would argue again that reality happens in the brain. I often talk about time travel and various other things but what if this this the only way such things are possible. Einstein says that the laws of nature do not rule out such things but these ideas still could be wrong. So if there was a way to unlock our minds, potentially anything could be possible.

While I am not totally on board with this idea, even though it is my own or at least I think so, I think one of the problems is that there is obviously something happening outside our own minds as the stimulus has to come from somewhere. So while Descartes said that we can never be certain that anything outside our own minds exists, I mostly agree with that but still think there is something going on outside our minds.

Regardless, I wonder if trying to understand and eventually manipulate nature or reality is a waste of time and highly improbable, impossible, or if the laws of nature do not allow such things. So what then?

Well that is why I think we could be looking at this whole thing back words. What if our minds are the key. I know I bash the brain as primitive and what not but what if there is nothing else like it in the universe and once we understand how to work it we can basically live inside our own minds. Manipulating all our stimulus or everything that has entered our minds throughout our lifetime. We could travel time, live out moments of our own lives basically anything that we have lived, warp reality and remake it however we wish. Technically this would circumvent defying all the laws of nature as it would all be happening inside the mind. This would also eliminate all the paradoxes that occur with time travel as it all occurs in the mind and the real time line would not be altered.

To me the problem would be getting to that point where we could truly understand our brains and how they work. Still the other and probably bigger question is would a person want to do this? Technically it would not be real, but at the same time I think it would be. Remember as I mentioned above reality takes place in the mind so we technically already live there so if that is the case then why not learn how to fully manipulate the reality in our brains.

I still have a lot to think about when it comes to this idea so I will keep you posted when I come up with more info or ideas that deal with this. I like to think about it as an alternative to figuring out reality. Plus this could be another reason why we have not made contact with any other civilizations if they are out there. Perhaps they figured out all the sifi things we think could be possible are not and they have focused on themselves and given up the search and this being one of the main reasons. Who knows, I just hope we don’t destroy ourselves before we get some answers.


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