In the past few weeks scientists and physicists made a giant discovery. I do not want to get into to much of the specifics, mainly because I do not completely understand them and they are hard to explain. Basically what I have come to understand is that scientist believe that have found evidence to confirm the theory of Inflation. The theory of Inflation says something to the effect that just after the big bang a brief period of “inflation” happened that was responsible for distributing matter equally through the universe. Along with matter it also distributed heat equally  or radiation in all directions. As far as I know this background radiation has been measured before, but this new study has shown that there are ripples or gravitational waves in spacetime which has led these scientist to believe that inflation did occur.

Who the hell cares and why is this important??

Well as with any discovery in physics, and the one above had not been confirmed they are still waiting on more data to verify their findings, I always think there is always a repercussion to how we interoperate the real world. If this study turns out to be correct may scientist believe that the Multiverse is real and this discovery is proof of it. Basically the two go hand in hand, if the Theory of Inflation is true then the Multiverse is part of the deal as well. Scientist are torn about the idea of the Multiverese. The reason being is that it cannot be tested with our current technology. Again this is where scientist and their theories really get on my nerves. The Multiverse is basically “unfalseable,” which again means it cannot be tested so an “untestable idea is not scientific.”

Check out this article if you are interested and want a better explanation –

I can understand this to a point but again it bothers me that just because we cannot see something or have a way to disprove it that it cannot be the truth. I think this is a major problem with the human psyche, and limits our ability to grasp how wild the universe truly is. I have often said that if we ever really, truly find out what the universe is that it will beyond anything we could have imagined. Such as turtles all the way down…

On the other hand the Multiverse opens a whole bunch of questions. Will we be able to travel there someday, is there life in those other universes, the possibilities are endless. If this is true it kind of changes my perspective on life in general. For the sake of supposing I hope other universes exist, sure would make things more exciting. I found this quote in one of the articles I read:

“There doesn’t seem to be anything unique about the event we call the big bang. It is a reproducible event that could and would happen again, and again, and again.”

-Frank Wilczek, MIT

If that is true it is truly mind boggling and begs the question, are we really special in any way? Is life special?

Think about that for the time being. Next time we will talk about the Anthropic Principle, that is a whole other blog post by itself.


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