How a Time Machine Would Work

If you don’t know I am for lack of a better work, obsessed with time travel. I don’t like that word because it is mostly used in a negative connotation, but I would say that I am very interested to the point where I have studied the subject and read what many experts have said about it. Still, despite what the experts say I have yet to understand how a time travel machine or device would actually work?

First, I would like to say that there are many scientist and theoretical physicists who believe time travel is real and that we could achieve it right this second. While the majority believe that it is mostly one way, to the future, there are still those that think time travel to the past is a possibility. If you leave Earth traveling at extremely high rates of speed, let’s say close the speed of light, then the longer you travel the more time passes on Earth at an exponential level, say for every second you think that passes on your ship an hour passes on Earth. While to you only a year may have passes you return to earth to see that fifty or even 100 years have passed on Earth. This has been tested and proven to be true by numerous experiments.

However, what about travel to the past. Let’s look at a certain concept of time to help understand it somewhat. Believe it or not the past, present, and future exist in in the same way we perceive the present. Sounds beyond bizarre I know, but technically the past exist the same as the future, watch the clip below for a better explanation. Here is an additional article that may help as well.

In relativity theory the past, present and future already exist in the four-dimensional continuum of space-time. You think next Tuesday hasn’t occurred yet. But in relativity, every event in your life defines a single 4-D object called your world-line and it’s all there already.

Many famous scientist believe this to be the case, so I am inclined to accept this as well. But if this is the case then why could we not travel to the past if it exist the same as the present?


As far as I can tell almost all Einstein’s theories, and more important his equations do not prevent backwards time travel. We obviously do not know how to achieve this, but theoretically from what I have read it seems to be possible. What I wanted to get into today was how a machine would and or could travel to the past. This is a very convoluted subject as the majority of what is below starts with which theory about time you think is correct. So if you want to start there read this article , try not to let your head explode!

Recently I heard that one of the reasons time travel to the past was not possible was because the device or machine would have to rewind the entire universe. So every molecule, every star, every planet, everything would have to reverse its trajectory for you or I to travel to the past. Now, this sounds strange, but if we understood and had enough data to track all the molecules in the universe, and the power to reverse them, I would think this would constitute traveling to the past. As everything, in a molecular sense, would be where it was say 5 minutes ago, and you can extrapolate that out for however long you like.

Technically we are all made of microscopic stuff so if you have the power to make each molecule run backwards then you would be in the past. Now, let’s be real for a second. I do not think that this sort of time travel is possible nor is it feasible. Again, I think we would need an almost infinite amount of computing power to track everything in the universe, keep in mind that even with our most advanced telescopes we can only see a very small fraction of the universe, then who knows what kind of power we would need to reverse everything. This, albeit, not impossible, is very near impossible for a variety of reasons. I think on an extremely small scale this could work, but the shear amount of power to do this, I would think would be astronomical and boarder on the entire energy in the universe.

The other way that I think we could achieve travel to the past would be a sort of worm hole, which again are actual things, and not just something in science fiction stories. If the past exists the same way the present does, then it is real and we can touch it, so why can’t we visit it?

Again, I think technically and theoretically we could build a worm hole to the past if we had the technology. I have no idea how this could be possible, but worm holes supposedly connect two points in space, I would think that they could also connect two points in time as well. Einstein said that time and space were connected, known as space-time, so if we did create a worm hole that connected two points I think there is a possibility that it could also connect a different time as well. Sadly we do not have the technology to test any of these theories, so all we can to now is speculate. I think Richard Gott said it best-

 “Time machines to the past are projects only a super civilization could attempt,” said Gott. “It would require a civilization that has the resources of the galaxy at its command.”

The last thing I wanted to talk about was the brain in accordance with the aspect of time. Time seems like such a simple concept, but in reality it is very complex and something that we really don’t fully understand for a variety of reasons. One thing that dives me insane is the fact of how what works out on paper through various equations, does not match up with what we experience in “reality.” There are different explanations for this but, as I have said many times before, I think one of the reasons of the difference between the two is the devices we use to experience the universe. No, I am not talking about radio telescopes or the LHC, I am talking about the human brain.

While it is capable of a great many things, I think in terms of viewing real reality, I think it falls short, well short in fact. You have to wonder if our brain was capable of seeing or experiencing a deeper reality, how that would affect our understanding of the universe. The way we experience time is mostly due to our brain, even though it is pretty much wrong, that is all we really have. So to me it seems that in this aspect we are on the wrong end of evolution, and for this fact I wonder if we will ever fully understand the universe we live in, because of our primitive biological reception devices. In essence we are stuck in time and at its mercy.

I have always thought that perhaps we could evolve to see our universe more clearly, which would help us understand. You also have to wonder if there are beings out there that have a clearer picture of our same universe because either through evolution, or technology they are able to experience the universe on a totally different level than we are. Perhaps a 4th Dimensional being would have a better understanding of our universe, mainly because they are one dimension removed from ours.

What would it be like if we could remember the future the same as the past, which technically is possible? How then would we view the universe? What revelations would we find? I like to be optimistic but sometimes I wonder if things are stacked against us and no matter how close we come we will always fall short.


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