Have the Clintons had People Killed?

So if you come to my site often you know that I do not like to get political, but from time to time there are some things that I have to comment on so I will make an exception.

I have said it before and I will say it again this election is absolutely insane. Where I live my vote doesn’t matter because my state has always voted the same way so literally my vote does not matter, but still watching this race unfold makes for some great entertainment and has really opened my eyes to a few things. But I will not bore you with my insights as I am sure you don’t care anyways.

So now that I have said that, let’s get to what I really wanted to discuss, and that is have the Clinton’s had people killed to keep them quiet? Okay I know how that last sentence will make most people say that I am just a Clinton hater. Lets’ try to put all our political differences aside and just look at some bizarre facts.

I first heard this about a year ago and thought it was just some hearsay or just more political nonsense that comes up when election time rolls around. So for the longest time I never really took this with any real degree of actuality. But recently this happened and I started to kind of look into it. First, I will say that this could very be exactly what it is, just a murder nothing more nothing less. BUT, let’s for the sake of the argument say that maybe there is something more here.

The police labeled this as a robbery, yet as the article states neither his wallet nor his watch was taken. Seems odd as those would probably be the things you take if you are going to rob someone. Okay, so maybe this man was murdered for another reason, what could that be. Well I also saw where Julian Assange claims that this Seth Rich guy was the leak for WikiLeaks and he was murdered because he was leaking them info. Humm, well that is certainly interesting. Again not saying it is true, but Assange has come out and said that he personally does not like Clinton, and has a personal  vendetta to bring her down. There are plenty of articles out there on this so just look it up. Now this could be all a bunch of malarkey with no fact what so ever and just a wonderful conspiracy theory to go with the rest. The real kicker here is that if this Rich person was just killed it would simple just be another person added to the list, see next paragraph. What makes this really interesting and where I think really got me to look into it is the fact that Assange says he was their informant. Now if that is true, not saying it is, but if it is, then this guy was murdered to keep him quite.

Again for the sake of argument let’s take a look at a few other people that have died that are close or “in the know” as they say with the Clintons. I found this article, which I am not so sure about the source, but you can look up each individual person mentioned and verify what the article says. The article claims that 46, now 47 counting Seth Rich from above, individuals have died mysteriously, all of whom have some sort of connection to the Clintons. Very strange indeed.

Again this all may be coincidence and I think some of these deaths are no doubt just normal life. But there are a number of suicides of individuals in high profile positions that dealt with many of the finances and other dealings with the Clintons. I find this really strange especially that some of these people were considered really good friends of the Clintons. I am not big on conspiracy theories, other than the fact that I find them fun, but having 47 people that are close, business partners, or connected to you in some way mysteriously die, is bizarre to say the least and just strange.

The rational part of my mind just reads this and kind of smiles and puts it out of my head, dismissing it as just more political hearsay. But there is also another part of me that really cannot just dismiss this as confidence. I mean do I honestly think that the Clintons has almost 50 people murdered to cover up their illegal dealings, probably not. But again I think that given who they are it is certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Look love her or hate her Clinton is slimy, she is a politician and it comes with the territory. I am certainly not saying that Trump is our white knight either. She has been involved in some very questionable stuff, so again I could see where she may not want some of those things getting out. I will also say that to pull off something like this would require unparalleled connections to very elite and specialized individuals as well as an extreme amount of resources. Both of these criteria fits the Clintons (as well as a plethora of many other individuals, but those individuals don’t have 47 people that are connected them dead now, do they). For all intents and purposes the Clintons are American royalty, similar to the Kennedys, perhaps not as universally liked as them, but nonetheless similar in terms of power and resources.

Taking a look at all the evidence I am not truly convinced this is true but it really makes you think and it seems like it is one of those things that is just plausible enough that it could be true. It will be interesting to see what happens in the Clinton vs Assange beef. He keeps saying that he will release more emails other documents that will condemn her. So one way or the other this is certainly going to be an exciting political race. November 2016 get out and vote, Crazy person or Liar. Your choice America.


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