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I have been watching a series on Netflix called the Pyramid Code. It is about the ancient Egyptians ,their culture, and their technology. It is very interesting and the program has brought more attention to some theories that I have never heard before, mainly to do with the pyramids and for what purpose they were build. Most of the stuff they talk about on the show I have heard before, but the last episode talked about something that I had heard of but not done any research on.

I have read before that some believe that the pyramids were built as a power plants of some kind. Now I doubt there are probably not any main stream scholars that would find this as a viable theory, but never say never. The theory states that the Egyptians built the pyramids to harness electricity, now the obvious question is that IF this is true what did they use the power for? I was skeptical of this and thought it was a very bizarre theory to say the least. But the show started to connect some dots that really made sense. The other part of the theory is that they were built on or near an aquifer and that many thousands of years ago they were much closer to the Nile river. Today they are further away due to the change in direction of the river over time. The theory claims that the aquifers helped create a current and the pyramids would harness that energy, again for what?1242703_85856218

I am not an engineer so I am not sure exactly sure how it works, but there is in fact an electrical current that occurs when water is moved through channels. The below clip is from and was published in 2003.

Engineers in Canada have discovered a new way to generate electricity. Larry Kostiuk and colleagues at the University of Alberta pumped water through tiny microchannels in a glass disk to directly generate an electrical current (J Yang et al. 2003 J. Micromech. Microeng. 13 963). “This is the first new way to produce sustainable electricity in 160 years,” says Kostiuk. “It allows for the direct conversion of energy of moving liquid to electricity with no moving parts and no pollution.”

So let’s say that for the heck of it that the pyramids were in fact a sort of power plant. That would seem to solve a few mysteries about them, as for their purpose, but it still creates a bunch of other questions about what they were using this power for. There are some pictures in a temple or something that show what appears to be a light bulb with light emitting from it. Could that really be a modern day light bulb? I have my doubts but is does make you think about the level of technology we give the ancients credit for. The only thing I could not really verify, from a reliable source, was that the pyramids were in fact built on a aquifer. So the jury is still out on that.

Fast-forward a few thousand years, enter Nikola Tesla. Tesla who is famous for so many inventions dealing with electricity tried in the 1900’s to build a network of towers and tap into the electricity in the atmosphere and in the ground. He built his Tesla tower in New Jersey, but it was never activated as he ran out of funding. He built the tower near a natural aquifer because he knew that with the ebbs and flows of the ground water from created an electrical current in the aquifer as well as the shafts that he had buried over 300 feet in the ground could help harness that energy.

The only thing I could not find about this was how reliable his global whole system was. Tesla claimed that it would be 99.5% reliable with just 9 towers place around the world to provide free, pollution free energy to everyone, everywhere, nonstop. I could not find a reliable source that said the system would be able to replace our current commercial system. Although everything I read said that all the other information was correct and that the system would produce electricity. So at the very least it is possible to do this, but I again am not an electrical engineer and do not know all the particulars of how it would work if efficiently and reliably.

There are two points I am trying to make here. The first is that if indeed the pyramids were build on an aquifer and were made to harness electricity then I think we need to head back to the drawing board on our ideas about our own history. There are some if’s in that sentence but I do not think this theory is out of the realm of possibility, plus if it is true they knew something thousands of years ago that we only just rediscovered in the last 150 or so years.

With all that being said I think the more important thing here is that at the turn of the century in the 1900’s the technology seemed to exist to create a global power grid that was free. How come this idea has never been revisited? With the ever growing demand for resources and energy something needs to be done or we are heading down a dangerous path. As of know there is no clean source of energy that will be able to satisfy our demand in the near future, it does not look good for the human race. I am not here to bash the human race and to say that if we all died off the world would be a better place, that may be true but I like being alive and living my life, and do not really want to change my lifestyle.

The world we live in is driven by money, there is nothing wrong with that, but at some point that idea will have to be put aside if we as a race are going to make it. I think that if we are going to reach transcendence or the singularity that all the scientist are talking about someone or everyone will have to put money aside for a while for the greater good of the race. It may take a drastic event for this to happen or it may already be too late and we have already doomed ourselves.

Our lust for energy will never stop. In fact the Kardashev Scale, which is a scale that measures the intelligence of other civilizations through the galaxy is measured on how much energy they consume. There are three types I, II, and III. Even with all out energy consumption we do not even qualify for a Type I civilization, and look at the devastation we are reeking on our planet. Again I think if we are going to reach that next level of as a race something will have to be sacrificed.

I am not trying to be a downer but I truly believe that this along with so many other reasons are why we will never reach the singularity or transcendence. We have an uncanny ability not to see or plan for the future in any way, it is not our fault it is how we are programmed. I do not believe money is the root of all evil, but I think that any civilization that reaches Type II or Type III on the Kardashev Scale will probably have set such things as money, and wealth aside.

If someone could prove Tesla’s system worked and could easily replace our current commercial system, would it be put in place to replace our current system. I doubt that it would be implemented in my opinion. We are talking about a billion dollar, probably more, industry that would be sunk overnight. The loss of countless jobs and billions of dollars would wreak havoc on the global economy. But, our planet would be mostly pollution free. At some point in the future will humans have to make a sacrifice that will all but destroy our economy for the greater good of our survival and our future?


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