Follow up to the Death of the Universe

A few weeks ago I wrote about the eventual heat death of our universe and several different theories and ideas I had about what could happen after. Recently I came across this article that has quite a few similar ideas to what I had in mind. I think they must be reading my blog and getting ideas on what to put on their site, HA I wish!

Anyways this is a really interesting article, and where I lack the technical components to my arguments this article fills in the gaps. One of the more interesting parts of the article talks about “basement universes,” which is something that I sort of talked about, but not in depth like they go into. I proposed the idea that if we become a super advance civilization then we could possible leave this universe before it is destroyed. However I was of the mindset that we could just download our entire civilization into a supercomputer that ran a simulation and would wait out the end of the universe. What I did not think about was creating an entirely new universe, which according to the article is possible, albeit it would take an enormous amount of energy. Still what is more interesting is the fact that these basement universes could be ever occurring in our own universe via black holes or other natural phenomena. The article states that it could just be the natural state of a universe to spawn other universes, which would be pretty crazy if true, as then there truly could be an infinite number of universes.

Something I did not quite understand in the article was the talk about intelligence and how it was more or less this thing in and of itself, that persist throughout the universe. I am not 100% sure what that means in the grand scheme of things? However, I do think their ideas about uploading our consciousness are along the lines of what I believe.

In the far future if we do find a way to upload our consciousness, or at the very least have it survive outside the body then I think this will be the point where we reach the pinnacle of intelligent civilization. I agree with this quote–

“Our destiny is density, and dematerialization,” says Smart.

At this point nothing will matter, time, life, reproduction, the many futile problems with our flesh and blood bodies will no longer be relevant and I believe this will be the final step in human evolution. How this would happen I have no idea, I do not know how our consciousness would survive outside our bodies, but if this were possible then the laws of physics would probably no longer apply. This could open the door for our ability to travel to other universes via the black holes the article talks about, or perhaps the end of the universe would no longer matter one way or the other.

What is interesting is that the technology might be too complex and use too much energy to create worm holes and or travel to another universe. Not only that but there might be too much radiation and potential unforeseen problems for a flesh and blood body to travel through. The uploaded mind could be an idea to circumvent this technology. I would imagine that it could be cheaper and more efficient to upload a mind rather than open a worm hole. But I think this may be a way to circumvent many of the issues with opening a worm hole and leaving this universe. The interesting thing is that a black hole seems to be somewhat of a massive information storage device. So uploading a mind or consciousness into the black hole might be possible. The problem, among so many, is what is on the other side, if anything. There is a somewhat strange mindset that if the mind is uploaded into a black hole that it will just sit there for all eternity, in a compress storage state. I don’t know about you but, that seems like a miserable way to spend eternity. Now if there is something on the other side then that would be very interesting. The bottom line is that we just don’t know what will happen to anything that gets sent into a black hole.

Another interesting thing that is discussed is the idea of that extraterrestrials, if they exist, have left this universe for a different one more or less just because. I suppose curiosity got the best of them. I am not sure this is a viable and permanent solution to the Fermi Paradox as the article suggests. While I think that it is certainly plausible, but I have a hard time dealing in absolutes when dealing with this subject. I do not think that every intelligent civilization that has the power too, would leave this universe. That does not make sense to me, but I think it is also plausible that some civilizations, if they have the technology, could have left. But again I do not think the entire civilization would leave, to me they would have to have a reason to do so. Perhaps they have some information about our universe that we don’t know about, other than this I think there would need to be a reason for them to leave. Maybe there is a better universe out there for some sort of technology they want to implement. But there again, I would not think the entire civilization would leave, as always who knows.

For some reason I believe that our ancestors will long gone one way or the other when our universe comes to an end.



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