Extinction Report

A few weeks ago I put up a post about how scientist believe that we are currently living during a mass man made extinction. There were some number to back up this claim but recently the WWF, not the World Wrestling Federation, released a report that is, well, it’s pretty eye opening. I will let you read it, the article posted below has mostly highlights form the report.




As I said its pretty eye opening and a little depressing as well. I always try to look at both sides of this, as I think at some level we have a social responsibility to protect those species that cannot protect themselves, but on another other level I am of the mindset that we are more evolved and will become the dominate species, as we already have, and eventually force everything to extinction. Although with that mindset even an apex predator eventually finds an equilibrium within its ecosystem, however humans are the exception. We are the only species that will never find that equilibrium. We continue to multiply and consume resources in that area and branch out spreading across the globe. As agent Smith said on the Martix, humans are most closely related to a virus in that sense. Which I think I agree with. Again sorry to sound drab but when you read reports and articles like the ones on this post I can easily see why Hawking thinks we only have 100 years left.

It is so easy to sit here and bash humanity and talk about how terrible we are for the things we do to this planet, but I like being alive and enjoy my life, and do not want to change my lifestyle. I think the majority of the people on the planet would agree with that statement. It will be almost impossible to convince someone much less the masses to do without something in order to save a endangered tree frog.

We as a species have a difficult time picturing the future, so I think it will be near impossible to change the wheels that have already been set in motion.



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