Dying for Immortality

I was recently watching an old episode of Ancient Aliens, I know I know but it is on the History Channel so that means it is educational and it is probably true right, right…? Well regardless I think we all know that when watching that show you have to take everything with shall we say a grain and or truck load of salt. Anyways at times they do say some things that are intriguing or do provoke some thought. An episode I was watching the other night was about death. They brought up the idea of consciousness and I was sucked in.

As you know I find this idea fascinating so any time I can find out more about it or see a different perspective on the subject I am all ears.

Again this goes back to how we define consciousness, which I know I have beaten that dead horse over and over again. So I won’t do it this time. However the show did make an interesting point about what if there was a portion of our consciousness that even after death did not, technically die. I guess to some extent I am talking about an afterlife, but I would like to steer away from the spiritual side of the argument and just focus on the science behind it.

The show mentioned it and I have heard, as many of you have, about so many individuals having near death experiences and journeying into the “afterlife” and meeting strange beings made of light or what have you. What I find so fascinating is that because there is no real definition of what consciousness is, much less how it works, why can’t it live forever? Again I am not saying that there is an afterlife in the spiritual or traditional sense, but just saying that what if our consciousness is immortal and the body has it trapped for a brief period of time.

I guess then the real question is what happened if and or when it does leave the body when we die? I do not think it would be bound by space or time, so technically it would be free to roam infinity forever. What if that is what many of the major religions spoke about when they mentioned an afterlife and spending eternity in paradise.

I guess my next question is could consciousness be recreated outside the mind. At the moment the answer is no, but that just means we do not have the technology or the understand how to do it. I wonder if nature does it on its own ig consciousness cannot be destroyed? My point I guess is, in theory could consciousness exist outside the body without or physical mind to attach to.

The obvious answer is I don’t know but it is an interesting thought that leads into my next article. I found this one a fee weeks ago and it has to do with a popular theme in sifi, energy beings.

While this is not the exact same as what I was talking about above I think it is very similar, basically a consciousness attached to no physical body, just energy. The article is very interesting and does provide some ideas. But as the physicists says in the video it is very hard to say that something is impossible in the universe. Still though he does explain the problems with this idea.

Another idea that is talked about in the article is the idea of a beings that do not have bodies are considered more intelligent mainly because they have “transcended.” While I am guilty of this as well, it’s very odd that we have that ingrained thought as humans. I think this goes along the lines of God or what we think is God. A being who has no real physical form yet we believe he/she knows the entire universe and is obviously smarter than any of us mortals.

It’s an interesting thought and makes me wonder how we are programmed and what millions of years of evolution has programmed our thinking.

The last thing on my mind is that of the body in general. In the book Long For This World it talks about how much time and energy goes into maintaining our frail bodies, which was quite eye opening to me. Your every moment waking and sleeping is spent on making sure you do not fall over dead. You have to eat, sleep, exercise, so many things that must be done just to maintain our bodies. Imagine a time when you would not halve to sleep or eat or even exercise at all. I have often said our flesh and blood bodies limit us and when you think about this idea it is very evident. You spend about 7 to 8 hours of the day sleeping, imagine what you could do if you didn’t have to sleep or the countless hours spent eating, although I like eating so that is not such a bad thing for me other than the time suck of course.

I have to wonder that if we ever figure out consciousness that our bodies will be the first thing to go. Then there is the conundrum of if the mind can survive without the body? If you have some extra time I would also read the comments in the second article, they are quite interesting as well and apparently we are already beings of energy based on Einstein’s equation E=MC2. I guess I follow this logic as energy equally mass times acceleration. I guess in a round about way we are already made of energy.

So I still have hope that the universe is far stranger than anything we could imagine. Hopefully one day we will one way or another meet a consciousness without a body or figure out how to create one.


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