A few weeks back I posted an article about a group of researchers in Alaska who claimed to have proved the theory of inflation. There was some speculation on their findings, and now new evidence has come out to state that their findings are more than likely false.

I wanted to put up a post to let those that may care the most up to date information about the experiment. I don’t think it’s a big deal that they were wrong, I think that is part of science and learning. But it does raise a lot of questions about the Inflation Theory. As it stands right now without that theory scientist struggle to figure out how our universe formed. That theory filled in a large hole to help explain how everything came into being. So when they thought they proved it, the scientist thought we were one step closer to understanding our universe. But now it seems we are back to the drawing board.

It is important to remember that the theory is still viable as we are just having trouble proving it, which if you read the article below could be the equipment we are using, or some cosmic dust that is floating around out there. Which I think is pretty amazing that we have something that can detect dust that was left over from the Big Bang. On the flip side if we come to the realization that the theory is indeed false then the scientist will really have to go back to the drawing board.



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