Drinking and Learning

Recently one of my coworkers left my company. Normally I would not care one way or the other, as a lot of people have left in the past year. This guy however, I worked with quite a bit and the move has made my life a little less enjoyable. Anyways, the reason I bring that up is because we had a nice little going away party at a local bar where most of the office attended. As the night started to wind down people started to drop off like flies. There was no shortage of excuses, most have families others just snuck out when no one is looking. I am usually in the second group but this time I stayed around.

The reason I stayed at the bar was because one of my coworkers, whom I rarely talk to if ever started, having a conversation with another individual, whom I am good friends with, about morality and a few other philosophical arguments. Being who I am I ordered another beer and took a seat to join the conversation. The majority of the conversation was all over the place, but I really got interested when one of the gentlemen, who graduated from Harvard, yes the real Harvard, said something that I had never heard before. He said that scientist have found evidence that the laws of physics may not be the same across the universe. I was blown away by this and shocked that I had not heard anything about it. So I made a mental note, and continued to drink and to philosophize well into the night.

When I finally sobered up the next day I started to do some research on this new idea. It turns out this guy was right, not only do some scientist believe that laws differ across the universe but they think there are pockets in the universe that make it easier for life to come about. If this is the case, and there is still a lot of speculation out there, but it is entirely possible and this could help explain a lot about the universe.

Perhaps we are in one of only a hand full of “pockets” where the laws of physics are favorable for life. Which would also help explain why we have not made contact with anyone else. This could also be a barrier for interstellar travel, among so many other things. If certain elements were different in another part of space then our technology, or another beings technology, that was designed a certain way may not work. I would think much like a car will not run in space, mainly because there is not oxygen for combustion. I would think the same principle would apply in that sense. I am still in shock over this theory, but I think maybe it could also help explain the gigantic friction between General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. I am not really sure how though other than maybe at some level the laws that govern the larger bodies in the universe are mostly universally the same, but the really small things differ from region to region. That is plausible I suppose, but as you know I am no physicist. And I will debunk my own theory as those really big things are made up of the really small stuff.

As I have said many times I think scientist are mostly on the right path but looking at things the wrong way. I think they are figuring out things about the universe that we never imagined, but the fact that we are trying to find the one grand universal theory of everything could very well be a waste of time. Contrary to what my college professors said, drinking CAN lead to learning.





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