Divine Morality

There are always a few topics I try to stay away from when I write posts, mainly religion and politics. However I do find myself still writing about them from time to time, it seems inevitable as they are both deeply rooted in who we are. I don’t like talking about them because they are usually highly controversial and for the most part people are easily offended when talking about them. Also for the most part, maybe not so much with politics, but with religion everyone no matter who they are has some sort of opinion on the subject. Still I did find this article very interesting and thought I would share it.

I found the below quote from the article:

Ask a random stranger what God knows, and chances are he’ll say: ‘Everything.’ But ask what God cares about, and he’ll say murder, theft and deceit; generosity, kindness and love. Amid God’s infinite knowledge, His concerns are quite narrow: He knows everything but cares only about the moral stuff. Where do these beliefs come from, and what impacts do they have on our lives?

The statement above does make a good point in my opinion. I grew up Catholic, not super strict but where my family and I went to church every Sunday. I basically had religion shoved down my throat since I was old enough to know what was going on. Even then it was like God was this person who watched everything you did, keeping tally marks for the good and bad things so when you died he would look over your moral score and decided whether you went to heaven or spent eternity in hell.

That is a pretty bleak outlook I know but, imagine what that was like for a young kid trying to figure out the world. That is more than enough to scare most kids straight.

The article talks about why so many people think that God is only interested in our moral well being. While that seems to make sense when you factor in what most religions goals are, and I would argue that they are to get individuals to be good kind hearted people. While I do not think that is the ultimate goal I think at their basis if you are a genuinely good person that would follow what most religions practice.

I ask the question as the article states why is God or a supreme being only interested in the moral side of individuals. It that what is most important, is that all the Supreme Being has to do all day? It would seem that many of the major religions would argue that, and to an extent I would not say they were wrong. Religion is obviously deeper then this simple idea but, for me this is mostly what I was taught growing up. I think humanity needs more good people especially in this time were terror seems to be everywhere.

But I would also argue that organized religion is missing something even more important than the moral obligation it has, and that is, I don’t want to use the word spirituality, but something deeper an understanding of the universe, again that is my opinion. To me it is not that hard to be a good person, well most of the time, but after that is accomplished then what. I think most organized religions stop there, I am sure plenty of individuals volunteer and do other things that could fill this void. While that may work for some people I think there are a great many that are still left wanting something more, some “divine” learning or understanding of the universe. I feel this is where I am the point I am at in my life. I need and or want something more out of life, than the constant reminder that if I do something bad I won’t get into heaven that may or may not exist. That simple threat does not hold as much water as it once did. Now there are laws and consequences to abide by if I were to be bad and run amuck. I also found this interesting:

Anthropologists have long characterized religions as reflections of society.

While the article says that this is way too simple of a definition, and I agree, I think there is still some truth in this. I would argue, and I know am not the first, that major religions around the world need to chance to adapt to the modern ways of life. While I believe this I am indifferent of the chance because I have my own set of beliefs and I don’t really care if they change or not. Besides this is my universe and that is the way I see it, in fact I am still not 100% any of you out there exist. While I am mostly kidding in that last sentence there is a bit of truth in it, but that is a post for another time.

I guess the point I was trying to make, and this is something I have struggled with for years, is why would a supreme being, one who created everything, and I mean everything, be so interested in what you or I do on a daily basis? Seems odd to me and a bit strange.

The other interesting thing is that the article talks about many different psychological experiments about what people think God cares about, they are very interesting, and worth the read.

Again at the end of the day I have my own beliefs about this universe, and no one is going to tell me different, with that being said I am open to new ideas, but for the most part I believe what I believe. I respect what someone else believes, even though I may not agree, but who am I to tell them what their universe is like to them. At the end of the day, or year, or eternity, it’s your universe…

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