I found this article and I think it more or less sums up what my Random Thoughts page means.


Yes it is very random but at the same time I feel that physics, data, and, math can lead to some interesting thought processes, such as Schrödinger’s Cat. I think that is a very good example of how sometimes data and the mathematics break down compared to what we observe in the real world, or what we think is the real world. The comments on this article are interesting and some think that data is king and the end all be all, others make the argument that all the data is meaningless without the philosophical questions to go along with them.

As Buddha said “The middle way is best,” at least in my opinion. I think both sides need each other, and one without the other is pretty much pointless. Here is a good example with the Simulation Argument. Some preliminary data suggests that there is the possibility that what we call reality is nothing more than an computer simulation. Again this is some very preliminary data, but if this can be confirmed then that raises some very big questions, philosophical questions about life and reality. Another example is the illusion of free will, which again is backed up with data and mathematical proofs. If both of these are indeed fact then again they raise some BIG questions about life.

I love taking what scientists have discovered about our universe and thinking about if it is the same as what we observe or experience in our lives. As I have shown above it is not always cut and dry so that begs the question is there something wrong with how we, or our brains interpret our universe. If you think about it we are limited by our sensory organs, mainly the brain as it really does the seeing, smelling, feeling and so forth. There are truly endless questions when you really start to think about all the inconsistencies we experience. If our brain was programmed different, more powerful, could we observe, see the universe differently, and if so how? What would we see? It sucks that we are limited by our brain, as marvelous as it is, I think in the grand scheme of things it is still very primitive.

Just some things to think about…


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