Cosmic Let down

I came across this article the other day. I think it does a great job of stating the leading theories about our universe and reality. It also does a really great job of dumbing them down to the level where everyone can understand them, ie. my level.


Many of the theories I have talked about before in other posts, mainly the hologram theory, that I still do not fully grasp, and the simulation theory. The two other theories that are mentioned are more along the lines of how they think our universe was formed, not necessarily what the universe is. I guess in around about way they are correlated, as how the universe formed will have an impact on what the universe is.

I looked into the 2D theory a little more because my tiny brain was having trouble grasping the concept and this is what I found:


Much like characters on a television show would not know that their seemingly 3-D world exists only on a 2-D screen, we could be clueless that our 3-D space is just an illusion. The information about everything in our universe could actually be encoded in tiny packets in two dimensions.

Quantum theory suggests that it is impossible to know both the exact location and the exact speed of subatomic particles.(I am going to soak this in for a moment, as I feel just a little smart, because I know the name of the theory in the previous sentence. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, and no I did not look it up I actually knew it. Ahhh so this is what Alex Trebek feels like every night.) If space comes in 2-D bits with limited information about the precise location of objects, then space itself would fall under the same theory of uncertainty. The same way that matter continues to jiggle (as quantum waves) even when cooled to absolute zero, this digitized space should have built-in vibrations even in its lowest energy state.


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That make a little more sense, and brings to light that perhaps our 3 Dimensions are an illusion. The above article also does a great job explaining this theory. I still am not sold on it, and maybe I am missing something but what is producing the hologram? Again I am almost positive I am missing something, in fact I am 146.87% sure I am, but a hologram would have some sort of light source to actually produce the image. I am not sure how a hologram works but I think there needs to be a light source to create the image. Maybe that is where time comes into the equation, that each second of reality is a scene on a film strip that passes in front of some light source. It would then project the time slice on to the, I have no idea something, the image would need to be projected onto some sort of cosmic screen. That would be in line of the theory and I would assume make all the physicists happy. I cannot take credit for that idea, I remember reading it I think one of Brian Greene’s books where he talked about something similar when dealing with time. So I wonder if the same sort of theory would apply here.

I still think that even the wildest theory rooted in the deepest facts will not even come close to what our actual reality is, if, and that is a big if, we ever figure it out. Although there is a small portion that thinks maybe it is something so incredible simple, that we are overlooking it. Leave it to humans to overcomplicate things. Because we believe the universe is infinite and on a scale the is incomprehensible to us infinitesimal humans, that there should be some equally complex explanation for reality and our existence. I think there is a very real possibility that we may be in for one colossal let down some day. Until then…


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