Comics Comeback

I came across this article today and felt I needed to post something about it.

Sometime ago I wrote a similar post about the popularity of comic books. I looked for the link but I could not find the article I posted, o well. But the point that I was going to make was similar. Basically comic books, as the article states, have not been this popular in nearly 20 years. Now, on the surface that is awesome. Finally comics are once again in the main stream media and because of this are producing some great stories. The influx of dollars has resulted in a plethora of talent in the industry, and now writers and artists can afford to make a career out of the comic industry which is great for all parties involved, including the readers.

With that being said I think the popularity has much more to do with the movies that have come out in recent years. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this, but in the 90’s there were not these awesome movies. What I am trying to say is that those fans in the 90’s, they were the real fans! To me many of these comics are still engrained in my mind as those are the stories and heroes I grew up with. My friends and I use to sit for hours talking about who would play who in a movie, ahhh those were the days.

So that is all well and good, but where does the industry go from there? That is the billion dollar question. Will this trend and upward momentum last? My short term answer is yes, yes it will last, and last far into the future. Let me explain. I will start with Star Wars. Everyone knows this story and the movies and such, but in terms of success, i.e. mucho dollars, this franchise is an anomaly, an extreme anomaly. There are very few if any other franchises like Star Wars that have seemingly come out of nowhere, and completely taken off. Now more than 40 years later there is an unparalleled fan base for Star Wars, that started from scratch. And I pose the question of how many more movies do you think will be made in the next 20 years. I would say close to 15, (there is already two more that I know of and the Rouge One movies as well, there is three right there. Plus I have heard of a ton of different spin offs as well. What is important is they will all make tons of money, simply because they have an extremely loyal fan base.

Let’s switch gears over to comics. Some of the characters associated with both DC and Marvel have been around for nearly 100 years and they also have one of the most loyal fan base out there. What is important to remember here is that finally comic fans have some real, deep, action packed, awesome character movies to FINALLY go and see. I for one have waited a long time to see some of my favorite heroes on the big screen. I would certainly like to see more of them, hopefully in time that will happen. But if, as the article states, people are worried that there is some kind of comic bubble out there that will eventually pop, I do not think so. Comic fans have waited long enough, and now they finally have the movies they have always wanted.

Because of these movies, comics are now back in the lime light. Another reason is that comics are no longer as taboo as they were, which again I liken back to the movies. Finally we have some serious movies, not the cheesy Batman movies from the late 90’s with Val Kilmer and George Clooney.  Those were terrible, but despite their terribleness they both made money. (Batman and Robin doubled its budget and Batman Forever tripled its budget.) Look we all know money is what drives these movies, not the quality of the script. So as long as there is money to be made there will continue to be comic movies and for those reasons the comics comeback is here to stay. You heard it first here folks!!



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