Comic Shop Visit

IMG_1057The other day I made a trip to my local comic shop. Most of the time I just buy my comics online in the form of trades, but when I know some cool issues are coming out or a special issue is coming out I always make the trip to pick up these issues.

I had not realized how expensive a single issue has gotten. I bought 3 issues, Death of Wolverine 2, and 3, and the new Thor and my total was about $15.00! The DOW issues were more expensivIMG_1058e because I assume they are special and are more than the typical 32 pages. I hope Thor is but it does not look like it. But as I complain about the price I am not going to stop reading them or buying them so might as well suck it up. But I will say that at almost $5.00 an issue Marvel may just price themselves out of younger readerIMG_1059s. I know my mom would have frowned at having to pay that much for 3 separate issues.

Anyways so I did get those three issues I also ordered Copra, which I have heard tons about and actually made it onto a few comic of the year lists for 2013. I had to really hunt it down but I finally got a trade of the first 6 issues. And for fun I also ordered Apocalypse vs Dracula, I am giggling to myself as I wrote that sentence. So in the coming weeks and months you can look forward to seeing reviews of those and many many more. Keep reading!


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