I found this article the other day:

If you did not read it, it’s an article about how the computer chip, or transistor, is coming to an end as I mentioned in an earlier rant. The cool thing about this article is that a replacement is ready to fill the gap. The Carbon Nanotube, or CNT for short is supposedly going to take the place of the transistor.

Ray Kurtzweil mentioned them in his book Age of Spiritual Machines, and to be honest when I first read about them I was more interested in their weight to strength ratio. I am an avid cyclist and I was thinking more along the line of how these CNTs could be used to build an ultra lightweight bike frame. Someone should get on that. Anyway, while that one legitimate use, the more interesting thing would be how these CNTs will eventually take the place of the transistor, that has dominated the world of computing for so long.

I vaguely understand what they are and have almost no understanding of how they will work inside a computer, I will let the article explain that. If this is the technology that will replace the ancient transistor, from what I have read it is still a few years away and that if it does not take off by 2020 then it may never take off. Maybe this will be a small transition away from the transistor while the next revolutionary computing technology is being dreamt up. Could these CNTs be the technology that brings our civilization closer to the “singularity,” if that is such a thing. Either way I am very interested to see the next generation of computer transistor and what leaps computing will make because of it.

Another article I read that switches gears a little but is still along the same lines, pasted below, is about the “Singularity.” It is very interesting as the article is an interview between a Singularity skeptic and someone who believes that it will happen. They both bring up some interesting points, check it out if you get a chance. It’s a pretty lengthy article but some good things to think about.

One very interesting point they both make is that despite what happens with technology in the future it will not always be good. There will be technology that was created for a purpose, albeit a good one, but then someone manipulates it to something bad. There can also be the reverse action that takes place. Predicting our technological future is near impossible, but that is why it is also fun to think about. The article also talks about the use of the term “singularity” and its meaning, and how it is overused. It’s a good read if you are bored.


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