A.I. Is finally here….Well not really.

During a post not too long ago I talked about AI and quite a few other things. In one of those post I discussed the Turing Test, named for famed Alan Turing famed mathematician. In case you do not recall it is a test that is designed to determine the intelligence of a machine. Trying to define intelligence is rather difficult so the test was created to help. Turing envisioned a time where technology would be able to create machines that could think, this test was supposed to be able to help determine if a machine could think and was intelligent. A machine tries to trick a panel of judges, per 5 minute conversations, into thinking that it is a real person. To successfully pass the test the machine must convince its judges more than 30% of the time that it is a human and not a machine.

The other day I found a few articles that a machine had successfully passed the Turing Test. When I first saw the headlines I was blown away and began to make preparations to dig a bunker in my back yard in preparation for the robot apocalypse that was imminent. Soon the machines would begin to take over every electronic device on the planet and eradicating every human being slowly but surely. Skynet was about to take over and time was of the essence. I am totally kidding about all this but it did start to get me thinking about what an achievement this was, until I started to read more about it.

When I read a few articles I was quickly brought back to the grim, unexciting, reality that we all live in. While I thought this was a great achievement, one of the articles I read was quick to point out that while the machine did pass the test it did so in a clever roundabout way. All of what I have gathered about this is that a Chatbot was able to convince 33% of the judges that is was a human in a 5 minute conversation. In 2012 is was only able to convince 29% of the judges thus failing the test. The articles I read state the programmers of the Chatbot said the person/machine was a 13 year old Ukrainian boy. This way the human judge would be a little more confused about the conversation and some of the answers given during the conversation. So some of oddly worded conversation could be blamed on translating errors. That is pretty clever, but still more or less cheating.

I have done a little more research on the test and almost everyone agrees that it is a flawed idea and is no indication of intelligence. Some have suggested that the test be done away and redesigned. Still it is neat to think about. Below are a few articles I read, check them out if you are interested. Also, I posted a conversation between a Chatbot and a judge from the 2012 contest. You can get a pretty good idea of what its like, but also if I told you other person/machine was a little kid from another country it does make it a little harder to figure out.



[16:11:25] Judge: what music do you like?

[16:11:32] Eugene: I like Eminem – because he doesn’t have a thing to do with “polite-correctness”.

[16:11:46] Judge: OMG i love eminem, he’s my favourite artist!

[16:12:00] Eugene: I wonder what Eminem’s nick mean. I associate it only with a word “enema”. But he is a cool guy, I like his “The Real Slim Shady”.

[16:12:55] Judge: i know what his nick name means, his real name is Marshall Mathers. From the initials M&M phynetically sounding like Eminem.

[16:13:06] Eugene: Eminem is a famous crapper. No, raper… ripper… Yeah, I mean – rapper. I like his “Stan” and “The Real Slim Shady”.

[16:13:32] Judge: I like “Hailies song”

[16:13:46] Eugene: Interesting tastes. I like science fiction books, by the way. Where do you came from, by the way? Could you tell me about the place where you live?

[16:14:22] Judge: Epsom, home of the derby. yourself?

[16:14:27] Eugene: My guinea pig says that name Derby sounds very nice.

[16:14:41] Judge: i shopuld talk with him sometime

[16:14:48] Eugene: I think you should take some typing lessons. Or just type more accurately.

[16:15:04] Judge: that’s very rude?

[16:15:09] Eugene: Ummm… Frankly, I didn’t get your question:-(

[16:15:49] Judge: “Ummm” isnt a word. i think you need typing lessons

[16:15:58] Eugene: My thoughts are same. By the way, I still don’t know your specialty – or, possibly, I’ve missed it?








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