X-Men: Second Coming


The wait is over, we are going to finish up the final chapter in the X-men 3 part series that started with Messiah Complex. I cannot rave enough abouIMG_1909t this series, which calling it a series is somewhat of a misnomer I suppose because I think technically it’s 3 separate events but not really. I will save my thoughts till the end but what a ride it has been.IMG_1910

Again I am not going to do a writers bio for the same reason I usually don’t do one, too many titles and to many writers. Regardless the writing in this trade is awesome so that’s all you really need to know.

This one starts out where Cable and Hope have returned from the future and now Hope is much older, say early 20s or so. With Cable still protecting her every mutant hating enemy of the X-Men is after her wanting to kill her. Soon Bastion, a sentinel from the future, is hot on her trail and sets in motion a series of traps to kill her and the rest of the mutants. In the end an entire army of Nimord sentinels are sent from the future to attack Utopia and destroy once and for all the Mutant race. The X-Men have devised a plan to stop them, but requires a team to travel to the fIMG_1911uture. Will they be able to stop the army in time or will the entire Mutant race go the way of the Dodo.

I absolutely loved this trade, and for that matter the entire series. This one of the very few events I have read that is this long and superb from start to finish. Now that I am looking back I think this should be classified as its own mini series like Uncanny X-Force rather than three separate Marvel events. Regardless it is unique and just great in every way all the way up to the end.IMG_1914

The story I thought was really cool and once again Marvel keeps with its contunity. If you remember this whole mess started in House of M with the Scarlet Witch, so that is a lays cool to see how certain things play out in the Marvel universe. This event is no different the ending will have a very significant impact on future events as well.

I know I always talk about how much action and how many fight scenes are in a particular book, but this one blows everything else away. The battle at the end of this one is epic in every sense of the word. It reminds me of the original Star Wars battles where there is so much action and different charaIMG_1915cters involved, it is so great. The writers and artist do a n excellent job portraying the lengthy battles. The battles are some of the best and biggest I have ever seen in a comic with so many characters involved. I was not expecting the size and just shear destruction of the final battle. It was truly an awesome and probably the best battle scene I have seen in comic book format.

As usual in big events not everyone is gong to make it out alive and one or more of the more popular X-Men characters does not make it. The other thing I liked is that so many other characters are maimed and beaten to near death, you really geIMG_1916t to see them at their weakest. It like a train wreck, you don’t want to see you favorite characters get hurt but you still can’t look away. I have mixed emotions about my favorite characters getting hurt or killed. Honestly I think it makes them more real and as a literary fan portrays their mortality and to an extent their humanness, which is easier to relate to as a normal nobody. It is easy to forget that they are not invincible and while it’s tough to read and watch at times I think it adds a very real and deeper element to something that is usually very fanciful.

I also liked how the writers showed the development of Hope. She is a girl who has so much thrown on her shoulders, as she is supposed to save the Mutant race. She has spent her childhood trying to stay alive, not quite the typical childhood to say the least. So I liked how the writerIMG_1917s threw little bits in there to show the reader that she is still a person and has feelings and at the end of the day is just a mixed up kid thrown into something she may not be ready for. Again these are all things a normal reader can relate to. Awesome job by the writers and kudos to them for that extra dimension to the story.

I also wanted to mention, again, that a major character is going to die at the end of this one. I didn’t see itIMG_1919 coming and when it happened I was kind of mad and wanted to know what happened to him and if there was a chance if he could come back. After this awesome journey I had grown to like this character, he had always been one of my favorites but this series really cemented his position and then he was killed. That is always the way it goes as soon as I really start liking a particular character Marvel seems to kill them off.

There is so much going on in this story that the action really never stops. The reader goes from one battle to the next, from one cliff hanger to a point where you can’t wait to turn the page to see what happens next. I cannot rave enough about the story and how it grabs your attention, and once it hIMG_1920as it you are helplessly sucked in. You will undoubtedly be glued to this nonstop thrill ride.

Now enough about the story, let’s talk about the artwork. First let me say that it is simply amazing. The trade itself is over 350 pages and covers four different titles and a few different artists, but my goodness there is honestly not a bad style in the whole trade. If you read my reviews you know how picky I am with the artwork and I cannot say anything bad about any of the different styles that are in the trade. There is one in particular that I believe is my second most favorite art style I have ever seen. The winner is the style in Silver Surfer Requiem, nothing IMG_1921competes with that but this is a close second. Wouldn’t you know it it’s the same tandem from Messiah War, Choi and Sonia Oback. They make one hell of a team and create some of the best artwork I have seen in a comic, if you cannot take the time to read this trade you have to at least flip through it and gaze upon the masterful workings of Choi and Oback, you will not be disappointed. I also wanted to give a shout out to Greg Land whose artwork is also very top notch. I just cannot say enough about the quality of the artwork thought this entire story. The colors and page layouts are well done. I think the page layouts are fairly typical, but when paired with the phenomenal artwork you get a visual treat. Same can be said with the colors, although Oback once again applies her fantastic style and makes Choi’s artwork really pop for some truly faIMG_1922ntastic scenes. I have already mentioned this but the fight scenes are taken to another level with the quality of the artwork. I truly wish all comics were this well done.

I cannot rave about this trade enough, it is an awesome close to an great event. If you call yourself an X-Men fan and you have not read this series shame on you, and you need to seriously rethink your fandom. Even if you are not a huge fan, I promise you will not be disappointed in any way with this one. The story is great and if you take the time to read all three trades the payoff is truly worth it. I highly recommend this one!IMG_1923


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