Wool by Hugh Howey



I read this one not too long ago. I bought it because on Amazon it had the most reviews I had ever seen that the time, and still had like 4.5 start or something crazy. After a little research I found that it was published in five or six different short books, but it was eventually all put together and you can buy the complete novel or omnibus edition.

Huh Howey is a new writer that has burst on the scene with his novel Wool, which is the first in a three book series known as the Silo Series. He has also written quite a few other books and novellas, but Wool is a New York Times Best Seller and the Silo Series is his most famous. The other two books in the series (Shift and Dust) are out there and available for purchase so you won’t have to wait for them after you finish the first one.

The story opens up right into the action where an unnamed individual is leaving a bunker though a series of metal hatches and air locks. He is wearing a protective suit that has a visor that shows that everything the person is seeing is wonderful green lush landscape. Believing what they are seeing the person removes the helmet and is confronted with a dry and desolate toxic landscape. Soon the thick muggy fumes in the air do their work and the person is quickly killed. From there the story jumps back into the bunker and the mystery grows deeper.

The bunker is basically an old missile silo where a cast system is in place and each person has a specific job that is denoted by their overall colors. There is also a hierarchy based on the same colors and the people of one color do not necessarily get along with those of another color. It is also easy to tell when someone does not belong on a ceIMG_0797rtain level as their colors are designated to certain levels and people need clearance to travel to multiple levels. This is really another aspect of the book that can be equally terrifying, being trapped in a metal bunker below the ground.

The main character in the story is a girl who is in some ways your typical dreamer in a dystopian/apocalyptic society story. It is not too long before her ideas and thoughts start to get her in trouble. Once the trouble starts the reader is thrown into a world where there is more going on and there is a level of control that the ones in charge are willing to stop at nothing to maintain. Secretes upon secrets begin to unravel and a web of lies, disseat, and murder are everywhere.

The characters are great you really get to understand the good guys and hate the bad guys, all the while trying to guess what they are up to. It is a tough thing to do to make someone evil while not entirely letting the audience know their intentions.

This story is awesome! The more questions the story answers the more that are waiting to take their place. Who built the silos? Why? Are some of the main questions you will find asking yourself among so many more. Once you think you know what is going on something else it thrown in the mix that shakes things up and will have you blowing through pages unable to look up. There is a ton of excitement and action in the story along with just the right mix of suspense.

If you cannot tell I loved this story, it is a great read and one of the most exciting books I have read in a while. There is a lot going on in the story but the way it is written does not overwhelm the reader in any way. The other cool thing is that chapters are short with the right amount of description, so as not to bore you to death. That is one thing that I liked about this story, sometimes most syfy, dystopian society, apocalyptic stories are loaded with descriptions and take forever to get the story going again. The over describing drives me crazy and slows down the story, in Wool it is done almost perfectly. I can still remember how the silos looked and how certain sense looked based on his descriptions. Howey does a fantastic job of building vivid and precise portrayal of the story without slowing down the action. His style reminds me of Dan Brown but an evil Dan Brown as the subject matter of the stories is very dark and way too demented for Dan Brown.

Like I mentioned above the cool thing about this novel is that there are so many question that rush though your mind while you are reading. Mostly you get the answers you are a looking for, but once those are answered there are a plethora of new ones waiting. The story ends kind of abruptly and of course with tons of questions, which I was not too happy with, but opens the door for the sequels I suppose. Although, Howey did say that the sequels are not the stories that the readers will expect. I am not sure what that means, but I have gathered that the other two stories either take place way before the events in Wool or way after. This is just speculation as I have not read either. But I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed this story.

Overall you need to check this book out, it is an awesome ride. There is something for everyone in this one. Howey is a clever writer and does a wonderful job of building a desolate and terrible place to live in not only the toxic environment but the silo itself. This is a pretty quick read and once you get into it you will not want to put it down. Also, it is worth mentioning that the movie rights are out there somewhere. So someday I think there will be a movie about this one. I cannot wait to read the other two books in the series and see if all my questions are answered. You have to check this one out, you will epically like this one if you are a dystopian society or an apocalyptic genre fan.


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