The Strange Talent of Luther Strode by Justin Jordan

IMG_0286         The authors of this book have worked in the inIMG_0297dustry for quite some time. Jordan has worked on a few titles including Shadowman, Team 7, and Hack Slash. Other than that I could not find a whole bunch of information about the author.

This book is one of the more intereIMG_0288sting stories I have read. The book starts out with Luther, a nerdy kid who is picked on at school. It is the stereotypical way a lot of superhero books start. He is looking through a magazine one day and finds an ad for the Hercules Method, which says that it will give the reader ancient knowledge and powers. So Luther orders it and sure enough within a few weeks of getting the book he had gone from a little scrawny kid to a tall, strong, good looking bad@ss.

The story takes off from there, with more craziness than I can sum up in this short review. The characters in the story are great. Despite being very overused the characters do not hold the story back. The one thing that sets this story apart from so many others like it is the gore and violence. The fight scenes almost always eIMG_0295nd with blood being sprayed across the pages, no character is safe from death either, especially the bad guys. The bad guy in the story is beyond ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what he wants, which I am not 100% sure what that is. Part of me wonders if he truly wants anything at all. Maybe he shares a few qualities with the Joker and just likes chaos.

Another thing I liked is Luther’s super hero costume. It really sums up his character. He does not have some special suit or fancy gadgets. All he has is a jacket and jeans and a really cool hockey mask, I think. Again for all the overdone themes the author and artist really come up with some cool new aspects of the genre. Thumbs up on the cool mask I must say.

I liked the story, even with the overused themes, it is still very creative. It manages to put a brand new spin on them, one that will leave you on the edge of your seat ready to turn that page.

The artwork is good not great. I am on the fence about it to be honest, not to say that it is bad by any means. It is right on the border line of being too cartoony, again this is my word. Honestly I think it is ok and most readers would not give it a second thought, but at times it got a little , again, cartooney. I am not sure if this style was chosIMG_0292e on purpose to balance out the fact that the fight scenes are so gory? I am not kidding when I say that this book has some of the most gruesome scenes I have even seen in a comic, but I like them and it adds more to the characters and the story. (check out the pics) It shows how powerful Luther is coupled with the fact that he at times almost loses his mind in a fit of rage.

IMG_0291Page layouts are above average. There are a few cool scenes that are set up to make the book read more like a cartoon. You fly through them at lightning speed trying to find out what happens next. The back ground detail is about average, nothing lacking. Colors are great, especially the when blood splatters across the pages makes for a cool effect. I cannot stress enough how cool and gruesome the fight scenes are. I have never read a book where almost every fight ends with a death, but not just any death usually the most horrendous, blood splattering, bone crunching, skin being ripped off, death you can imagine.

I highly recommend this book. Story is great, combined with great characters, makes for a good read. The artwork is lacking a little, but I think this is done to help tone down the violence of the book. Colors and page layouts are what you would expect and make you speed through the scenes to find out what happens next. Plus, there is a major twist at the end that I sure didn’t see coming. You should check this out if you have a chance, but beware if you have a weak stomach.

It is also important to note that there is a sequel that I have not read. It is on my list and I will review that in the future.IMG_0293


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