Stone Soldiers Mythical by C.E. Martin


I just finished this book the other day and could not wait to get a review out. This review is going to be a little different, as believe it or not Mr. Martin will be joining us shortly to talk about the book and more about himself. So instead of my usual author biography I will let the author tell more about himself later on.

I met Martin a few months ago at the Cavelcade of Comics here in Louisville. He told me more about his book and I was sucked in. It is always nice to meet a local writer who has had so much success and getting his idea out to the world.

I am ashamed to say that I had not heard of this series before, but that will be the last time I make that mistake. The story starts out immediately into the action. There is a mythical giant that has returned from a millennia long slumber and needless to say he is hungry. Along the West coast bodies are showing up with their hearts ripped out of their chests and devoured. Soon an elite force of soldiers is called up to deal with the menacing evil that walks the earth. But these are no ordinary soldiers, they are super huIMG_1875man soldiers made of stone and trained to deal with all sorts of paranormal activity.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and it reminded me quite a lot of Confessions of a Class D super villain. This story is such a fun read that will keep you entertained and turning page after page. I also liked the style it was written in, very simple but reminded me a little of Dan Brown. I say that because the way the story flows was very reminiscent of Brown and how he seems to start with a bang, then move the story along, and slowly adding more mystery while jumping around in the time frame of the book, eventually bringing everything together in the climax of the story. The thing that separates the two styles is the cliffhanger Martin leaves the reader with at the end of this one.

The book reads at a lightening pace, which is great and there is so much action that you will never be bored with this one. To me I felt it read a little like a movie. Each scene was very vivid and I was easily able to picture the events of the story. The interesting thing here is that in my opinion there is minimal description throughout the book, this is neither good nor bad. At times I think writers can very easily over do the descriptions they give during the story, coupled with the rants, the off tangent topics and at times the overdone back story. When all these things get factored in this story, in most stories these things derail and slow the story down. To me, depending on the story, I have often felt it difficult to pay attention while these things are going on. That is not the case here, and in fact it is the exact opposite.

Martin does gives a great back story but given the subject matter at hand, he does so very vaguely, but I felt it was more than adequate. He gives the reader just enough to arouse their interest or suspension to read the next novel in the series. I have read quite a few novels that are part of a series but this is the only one that I felt when finished had a ton of questions about the characters and even though the story and problem at hand had come to an end, Martin left enough crumbs that myself, and I am sure other readers included, were very interested in what was going to happen next. But again with me, my curiosity was more on the characters, I had a ton of questions on who they really are and where they came from.

As I mentioned above the writing style in this one is simple, yet fun. That is something that I liked, it was a very good fun read from start to finish. I will admit there werIMG_1874e some surprises along the way that had me smiling as well. I also felt the story and the style was very near to a graphic novel. The reason I say that is because of the wildly bizarre and interesting subject matter, then coupled with the very detailed and vivid scenery, and along with the amazing battle scenes. In my mind I could see everything play out in a sort of comic book format in my mind.

The only negative I have with this one is that it is a little shorter, but I think it is also a positive because this is a series and has more than 9 novels in it. While you will no doubt put in some major time if you read all of them, the fact that they are shorter makes it more manageable. So if you want a good series to read but are afraid of the time commitment then this is your series.

Overall I enjoyed this book, it opened up an entirely new world for me one that I had only seen in comics. It is a very fun read, I cannot stress that enough, one that will have you smiling all the way till the end. I recommend checking this one out you will not be disappointed. Also, believe it or not I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Martin himself and he was kind enough to talk a little more about the book and himself. Check out the interview here.


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