Spider- Man One More Day by J. Michael Straczynski and Joe Quesada



This book has caused quite an uproar in the Spider-Man fan club, to say the least. There are so many mixed reviews on this book it is hard to gauge a real view on what to expect if you check it out. Recently I checked on Amazon just to see what the reviews said about the booIMG_0698k. The book received over 59 reviews but only received an overall rating of 2 stars.

So what the heck is going on here that this book is rated so low? Well to start, it again follows up on the events after Civil War and Back in Black. Without reading these two series you will have no idea what is going on. To recap something bad, very bad has happened to aunt May, it is a matter of life and death. Spider-Man is trying to do everything in his power to fix the situation, but some things cannot be fixed by traditional means. That is where Mephisto comes in to offer a hand to Peter and help him out of his little “predicament.”

On top of this Spider-Man is a wanted criminal because he at first joined Iron Man and was pro registration, but they had a “falling out,” to put it nicely. Iron Man is IMG_0697a little upset that Spider-Man jumped ship and is now doing everything in his power to bring Peter in. At the end of the story Peter buys himself a little time from Iron Man and his pro registration cronies. Iron Man gives Spidy a little space to deal with all his personal issues. As I mentioned above some things simply cannot be fixed, so Peter literally makes a deal with the Devil, Mehpisto.

I do not want to give away the details of the “deal,” but it is a doozy let me tell you. I read this story over a year ago and I still often think about and whether or not I would have accepted Mephisto’s deal. This is the main reason that there are so many haters of this book. The deal that Mephisto makes with Peter Parker, which he accepts, really pissed off a lot of fans. I can kind of see why to an extent, but at the same time I have read that the writers of Spider-Man had to do something to change things up for the character of Spider-Man for the time being. The way all this worked out is really going to change things, but I think had he not accepted the deal that would have equally changed and most fans would say for the better.

I can see both sides of the argument. The fans were angry because finally Spider-Man was happy and if he had not made the deal it would have been a big change and he still could have been happy. Spider-Man the character has been through quite a bit over the years, betrayals by his friends, death of a girlfriend, you name it the list goes on. So I think the fans were mad that he finally had a chance at happiness and it was taken from him.IMG_0696

Personally I loved the story and loved the transition from the Civil War to Back in Black on to One More Day. I actually felt sorry for Peter, he has to be physically and emotionally drained from all this. That is another thing that I love about this book you again get to see a different side of the character, one that is unstable, and on the edge. He is emotionally distraught and backed into a corner, so anything is possible. Again I loved the story but I can honestly see where a long time Spidy fan would have been really angry with the writers of this story.

As far as the artwork goes, no complaints here, in fact I really liked the artwork. Honestly it is pretty typical of a big name comic, what makes it special is how a lot of the scenes are set up along with the color scheme. There seems to be a dark sheen, or just a whole dark shade that covers each page. There are very few pages that use light, bright colors that attract the eye. Even where lighter colors are used they seem to be toned down and faded, again appearing darker. I have overused that word I know, but the darkness in each scene really helps set the tone of the story. The page layouts are really cool when they are combined with all the darkness that the colors provide. TIMG_0699his book has some of the coolest page layouts that I have seen in a super hero comic. Usually they are pretty typical and focus mostly on the art but this story is different as they superbly use all three mediums to provide a wonderful visual experience.

I highly recommend this story especially if you have read the Civil War and Back in Black. You will certainly want to know how it all ends. Don’t get caught up in all the negative reviews, I promise it is mostly disgruntled fans angry at how Marvel treated their beloved Spider-Man. The story is great and the artwork and page layouts are spectacular, yep I figured that was appropriate here. There is also an afterword from Stan Lee about the story and it seems trying to calm down the fans. It is almost like he knew there was going to be some major uproar over this story. If you have a rainy afternoon definitely check out the story from start to finish you will not be disappointed. You may not like how it ends but it is a good one nonetheless.


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