Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson


As with a few others I have read this one was recommended to me by a friend. I had not heard anything about it, other than what my friend had told me. The premise sounded awesome so I had to get my hands on a copy, plus I mentioned it in an earlier view. So I decided to go ahead and review this one.

Daniel H. Wilson has quite the impressive resume. He graduated from the University of Tulsa and received his M.S. from Carnegie Mellon University, so just right there I am impressed. He is also a contributing editor for the magazine Popular Mechanics. Wilson has also written a few other books but none as popular as Robopocalypse which was a New York Times Best Seller back in 2011. This novel has won quite a few awards since it was published. I was unaware of the prestige it had acquired when I read it. I thought it was more of an underground novel that was trying to break into the mainstream, shows how much I know.

I don’t want to tell exactly how the story starts because it will give too much away. It begins out in some remote underground top secret research facility buried deep in the Earth in Alaska where scientist have created an A.I. that has the intelligence of a child. The problem is that each time they bring it on line it tries to escape and they have to kill it. This happens a few times, then the A.I. called, Archos, breaks the mold and escapes into the internet. In this novel most of the world uses a multitude of different robots to help them through their daily lives. Archos, hacks certain robots and attacks various people around the world, basically probing and learning how humans react to the attacks. Once he has gathered all thIMG_0823e information he needs he soon plans a massive attack on the human population using the robots that use to help them. Archos shuts down almost every electronic device and cripples the communication network.

The story follows a hand full of characters all over the world as they cope with the robot uprising. Some are in England, and Japan, but most are in the U.S. The main story focuses on a group of soldiers that are trying to get to the source and kill Archos to end the war. You get to see a variety of different views on the war and how it affects them as well as what is going on in that country. The story is exciting and full of suspense, and will keep you interested till the very end. The other thing that is interesting is that the war does bring together some interesting allies, some allies that most fear cannot be trusted. Some of the enemy may decide to switch sides, which to me if very cool and adds a deeper element to the story as well as adds so many questions to the about the real enemy in the story.

I liked this book if you cannot tell, it is a great story on a very interesting topic one that I have written about a few times on my blog. The execution was for the novel was almost flawless, in my opinion. I say almost because on how the story starts. Within the first few pages you know how the war will turn out. I did not really like that and would have rather been surprised at the end, but honestly when you are reading this one there is so much action and suspense that you kind of forget the beginning. That is really my only gripe about this one. I think it would have been fairly easy to rework a few pages and have the reader guessing till the end what is going to happen. I did like the exploration of a variety of unusual ideas dealing with this topic. There are so many unknowns when talking about A.I., but this story does a great job of blending some very fascinating believable characters with a bizarre and foreign enemy. Not only that but Wilson does a great job of creating ruthless but a still believable enemy, one that most people can only speculate about.

I read World War Z before I read this one and I feel that both of these books are very similar in a variety of ways. The styles they are written is very similar as they both follow a multitude of characters across the globe. The major difference is that WWZ did not keep up with those same characters like Robopocalypse did. Still they are very similar both are good but I give a slight edge to WWZ. I wonder how I would change my mind had I read Robopocalypse first. Regardless this style makes for a fascinating and event filled ride that will leaving you hard-pressed to put the novel down. Another thing I liked is the cover for the book, it is very cool and a little creepy. Something about that face and those red eyes that really gives me the shivers.

You need to check this one out, it is a cool read and will keep you entertained from start to finish. There was never a time during this story that I felt bored, it is full of action and suspense. There is also a sequel to this story that I have not read called Robogeneis. It is on my list and I intend to check it out here soon. This is a cool read and I highly recommend this one.



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