Reign of Doomsdays


IMG_2093Thats right there is an “S” on the end of the title. This is kind of a strange one, not in the sense of the story or anything but how this is kind of a different event in the DC universe from the Reign of Doomsday, which I have already reviewed. What I mean is that even though it is tiled differently it is basically a continuation of the same storyline of ROD. I’m not real sure why they changed the name but o well. I love all things Doomsday so it didn’t matter what they called it I was going to read this entire series. I even collected the original issues as these were released.

Paul Cornell is a wildly talented writer who has written on a variety of different mediums from screen plays, to novels, then back to comics. He has written on quite a few different titles for DC and Marvel. The only other book I have read by him is thIMG_2094e Demon Knight series he wrote for DC when the new 52 was launched. Most of his bibliography deals with Dr. Who, I have not dabbled in that world so I cannot comment. Either way Cornell is a writer who has all sorts of talent.

As I have already mentioned this is basically a continuation of the storyline of ROD, but now Superman is involved. A mysterious being known as the Doomslayer has come to Earth and his sole mission is to destroy Doomsday. Normally this would be a good thing, but the way he is going to do it is by destroying the planet and creating a black hole to make sure Doomsday is killed once and for all. While his logic is sound, Superman certainly cannot sit back and watch his adopted home planet be destroyed just to kill the mindless killing machine that is Doomsday and all his clones.

IMG_2095This one was a bit different, as this might be the first DC story I have read that was recently written and released. Most of the DC stuff I have read is older and more famous. Regardless this one was not bad but it did get away from the epic battle scenes that it opened with toward the end. That is what I came to see, so I was a little disappointed in that regard.

The story I felt was lacking just a little. To me it seemed to be over too fast and seemed that every problem was solved almost as soon as it came about. Looking at both storylines as a whole, I am a little confused about what actually happened in the story. First I will say that this could be due to the fact that I am not as well read in the DC universe, but the introduction of the Doomslayer character, albeit, mostly makes sense, still was a bit odd.

I did love all the battle scenes but in the conclusion they were mostly dowIMG_2096nplayed, which I was not too happy about. While reading I never felt a real sense of drama or anxiousness about what was going to happen. I think the story almost went too fast to reach a conclusion. The writers spent quite a few issues putting together a very perplexing storyline, one that truly intrigued me, but in the end the conclusion was lackluster and didn’t reflect how good the story was. There was also a lack of drama that I felt was much needed.

As I mentioned the Doomslayer character seemed to come out of nowhere and no info or background was given on him. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of a back story on this character. I felt that could have drawn in the reader more to his motives. After a little more research I found that he is also a Doomsday clone, like the others. Okay I get that, but why did he want to destroy the Earth and all the other Doomsday Clones as well. That is what I do not understand about the story? O well the reviews are all positive on Amazon so I guess I am in the minority for this one.IMG_2098

The artwork is solid in this one, with a bit of a stylized undertone. Despite this aspect is still is very detailed and has the quality you would expect of a major superhero event. I liked the style as it was not over the top and hardly noticed after a while that it was any different from traditional artwork. I still found it hard to swallow that Superman still had on his red undies but that is a rant for another time. The colors are solid as well and mesh very well with the stylized artwork. They seemed slightly faded and not as saturated as I have seen before. Again this did not hinder the visual experience in any way. The page layouts and scene selections started out with a bang, they were varried and created some very cool aspects. However, as the story progressed the page layouts quickly reverted back to the typical layouts. So in the end they started out great but dropped of quickly.     IMG_2097

All in all this one is just ok. I loved how this storyline started out in RoD, but I felt the conclusion in these issues was a little lack luster and did not give the beginning the justice it deserved. It was almost anticlimactic as the beginning started with this huge bang, and the ending seemed to conclude with just a whimper. But with all that being said I cannot recommend the first part of this series and not the conclusion, so for those reason you will have to pick up this trade to see how everything shakes out. Perhaps my expectations were too high for a huge dramatic ending, either way I felt it could have been done a little better. It is also important to note that with the conclusion of this series in Action Comics 904 DC launched their New 52 campaign. I guess that is another reason I was thinking there would be this huge dramatic epic ending, but in the end I was disappointed. It seems that the New 52 was mostly IMG_2101a success to start but now I recently read the DC is going to do another shake up sometime in June 2015. From what I have read there will be 24 new titles released and of the reaming titles they will receive all new creative teams to run them. So we will see how that goes, in the meantime check this one out just be sure to read the entire series.



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