Original Sin has been out for a week or so, and I think it looks awesome. The premise is that someone killed the Watcher, didn’t know he could be killed but anyways. IMG_0143This story is on my list of comics to check out when it goes to tpb. I also read that this story will determine the fate of Nova sometime in August, dang it Marvel why cant you just leave my favorite characters alone.

I hope they do not kill him off, I will be a little mad if they do. The 7 trade series in the mid 2000’s is one of my all time favorites (reviews are coming soon for that series.) After the Guardians of the Galaxy series (I wanted to say that I am super excited about the movie coming out) which I again thought was really well done they did a reboot of Nova, who is now Sam Alexander. I never read it but it looked a little silly for my liking. They changed up his suit, which was badass from the Guardians and the Nova series. So for all the nova fans out there in August we will hopefully learn the fate of Nova. Below is nice article from CBR about the Original Sin and how it ties into the character of Nova.

Also, coming out soon is a graphic novel called The People Inside by Ray Fawkes. I read the synapses and it looks like it is right up my alley. It is not on my list to read.

Saw Captain America : The Winter Soldier recently, it is pretty good. As I am sure you have already read a ton of reviews on it and know more of what to expect if you have not seen it. The story is pretty solid, you really do not get the feel you are watching a superhero movie more of a thriller and has a cold war feel to it. I was surprised by how political the movie was. Again I think Marvel always does an excellent job of putting a real world touch on the unbelievable. They nailed it once again with Winter Soldier as we all know terrorism is a real threat to our world. Soon I hope to see the Amazing Spider-man 2 which yet again got lackluster reviews.


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