Check out my new short story. I will be posting new chapters every few days. Hope you like it.


MINUTESby Spalding Manik –Five minutes is all you need. In five minutes, you could you fix all your problems, change the course of your life. All you have to do is play, play the Time Lottery for a chance for a greater future. Who wouldn’t want to win more time, time to change those past mistakes, those things that ruined your life.

But what if you had no regrets, nothing that “ruined your life,” what then? What would you do with the time? Jake is looking for answers to questions that have haunted him since the day they took place. While friends are planning their get rich quick schemes and how to make their perfect future, Jake is tormented by his past. What truly happened on that day, why is that memory always so fresh in his mind?

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