Messiah War


As I mentioned last review I am going to be focusing on the X-men and most of their happeIMG_1903nings. I recently reviewed Messiah CompleX and it was one of my favorites. I am a little mad at myself for not having done a review sooner on that one. O well moving forwarIMG_1894d. The good thing about this event is that it is a three part series. I am not talking about your normal three trade series or something like that, I mean that all three of these a stories could basically stand alone events, but anyways I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s get to the sequel shall we.

Again same as the other trade in this series I am not going to do a writers bio on the authors of this series, there are simply too many to talk about, too many titles as well.

IMG_1895At the end of Messiah CompleX Cable escaped into the far future with Hope, the first mutant born since decimation day. Cyclopes has Wolverine and the rest of X-Force follow Cable through time to the future. They all end up in the future where everything has been destroyed from a nuclear war, it does not state how or why everything has been destroyed. Somehow Deadpool is still alive, thanks mostly to his healing factor and now Cable and X-Force realize that there are two very old enemies still alive and must be dealt with especially when they find out that baby Hope is there.

This one is yet again awesome. It is an awesome ride that will leave you wondering how the hell this is all going to end. There is a good amount going on in this one, but not over the top as is sometimes the case. The whole story takes place in the future that is more or less destroyed and a familiaIMG_1896r foe rules. I will say that I thought it was a little weird that this particular bad guy was thrown into the mix, but when Cable is involved you never know what is going to happen.

Once again time travel is involved so there is a cool mix of sifi thrown into this story as well. I also liked how through the dumb luck of it all Deadpool is still alive. He does add a nice comic relief to a very serious story. Anyways I loved the story, it kept me interested and honestly at the end of it nothing really happened but it was the most exciting nothingness that I have seen in a long time. You know how sometimes the sequel to a really good movie just basically sets up the third one, well I think there is some of that going on here. I also want to make it clear that this oIMG_1897ne is really good, but when you look back at what happens it does not really effect the happenings in the finale.

The other thing I liked about this one and it is just a little side note honestly is how the characters are drawn. They are all drawn with their new dark uniforms, basically the same ones they wore in the Uncanny X-Force trades I did a review on not too long ago. I think they look so much cooler and real or as real as they can. Don’t get me wrong the Wolverine of the 90’s with his yellow spandex was awesome, but we have moved on from that and the IMG_1898way all the characters are drawn are just so much more intense and real. Like I think if there was a special unit of mutants that is what they might dress like, other than the silly mask Wolverine wears, but regardless I would not mess with him. No more blue underwear, thank goodness!

So now let’s talk about what makes this trade one of the best, the artwork. WOW, that is really all I can say. Some of the art is done IMG_1905by Mike Choi whose work is absolutely amazing! The problem is I cannot figure out who else did what. I think Choi was only responsible for the first chapter, which is phenomenal. Then the rest is done by Clayton Crain and Ariel Olivetti, both of them did an amazing job. I will say that I should probably start mentioning artists more in my reviews, and I will make a mental note to do that, but this trio absolutely did a fantastic job with the art in this book. Choi’s style is the best of the three, sorry, but it is great very lifelike and so much detail. The scenes are like paintings, which I am not sure if that is due to the artist or the colorist but I will talk about that in a second. The other style in the book is very stylized but it is very cool. I have sIMG_1899een similar styles but nothing quite like this. It almost looks like a sort of claymation art, that is the only way I can describe it. While I usually give all the credit to the artist themselves, I want to take the time to talk about the colorist, Sonia Oback. Again WOW, her work is amazing, and again I cannot tell who the real artist is here the penciler or the colorist, so you know you have something amazing on hand when both parties work so wonderfully together. The scene selection in this one is nothing over the top, but the fact that the IMG_1900artwork is so great it makes even the simplest scene that much better. I will give a little spoiler alter, even though I have basically raved about the artwork in this one, there is a good chance the artwork in the final trade that is even better. Yeah if you can believe that! BUT, and this is a small but, I did feel that the artwork was very dark, literally dark. Like I had to lighten up the pictures I took of the pages so you could see them in the post. While most of this is due to the fact that I am a terrible photographer, I still cannot get past the fact that the scenes are very dark in general, which does make them somewhat hard to see all the detail. Just an observation.

ThIMG_1901e only real negative with the artwork is that there is a three issue series that deals with Bishop and his back story, mainly why he wants to kill Hope. While I did like the story as it does give some very interesting insight into the future he is from, the artwork was very suspect in my opinion. The book has such top notch work, then it really drops off and goes with a very almost ridiculously stylized cartoony style that I was not a fan of. Still though it is interesting and worth the read, especially if you want to get the most out of the story.

All in all I highly recommend this one. It is great for so many reasons and you will not be disappointedIMG_1902 in any way. There are also some fantastic alternate cover art throughout the story. I cannot rave enough about the artwork.


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