Greatest Battle of All Time

Here is a cool article I came across last week.


I would like to think that I have read quite a few comics and would have somewhat of an opinion on this topic. It always bothers me when sites do a list of some sort and instead of just putting the entire list on one page they have to have a next button so the page has to reload, why can’t people just put it in blog from so I can just scroll down.

Anyways, I started reading this and their number one was the DC Marvel crossover sometime back in the 90’s. I have not read that so I can’t say one way or the other, but it sounds pretty awesome and I am sure I will check that out eventually. So I got to thinking what is the battle of the century, I am using that term loosely, of the comics I have read?

My first thought was Hulk vs. Sentry from WWH. I think it is hard not to have that one in the top when talking about one of the greatest battles of all time. What I found fascinating was that Superman vs. Doomsday from the early 90’s Death of Superman  was not even mentioned in the above article. How can that battle not even be mentioned? Superman was the first and most recognizable superhero of all time, I think his death deserves a mention. I also think that Superman vs. Shazam/Captain Marvel from Kingdom Come was also an epic battle one that I will never forget for a variety of reasons. I have to say that that battle is part of one of the best superhero graphic novels I have read, so that battle is that much more intense.

I would also like to mention Thanos vs. pretty much everyone in the Marvel universe on multiple occasions. Whenever he is involved the battle always reaches epic proportions. Nova vs. Annihilus and Quasar vs. Annihilus are both cool battles but I think they are on a lower tier but still both are worthy of mention. The Marvel cosmic superheroes vs. The Annihilation Wave is a very worthy candidate as well. That battle is one of the most spectacular I have seen in a comic. I would also throw in Hulk vs. Black Bolt but if you read a lot of Marvel you know that it was not the real Black Bold but a Skrull in his place. One that probably under the radar is Black Bolt vs. Vulcan from War of Kings cross over. I would almost argue that this is the most epic battle because of the aftermath and the damage that each caused after it was over, but technically it was not because of their powers rather the ship they were on. DC Heroes vs. Imperiex from Our Worlds at War story is a very strong candidate as well.

It is safe to say that there are no shortage of candidates but I think for me if I had to pick just one battle that cause an uproar and was epic and dramatic I would have to choose Superman vs. Doomsday. To me this fight encapsulates so much more than just the battle itself, it was the death of ideals that Superman represents. What happens when the unbeatable is beaten? I can still remember how the comic community was in an uproar when it happened so long ago. If I had to pick another one it would be Superman vs. Batman from The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel. I think either one of these is probably the best of all time and are my top two choices. But the Doomsday battle is something special and is tough to beat, it is not every day that an icon dies. I will also say that the story and comic itself are not that great but still a must read.

What is you greatest comic battle of all time?



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