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Hey everyone, I wanted to let you that I have started a gofundme campaign. If you frequent this site you know that I am Deathslife#3_pg04working on my own graphic novel titled Death’s Life. I have been working on if for over a year and am close to finally finishing it.

Deathslife#3_pg06 copyI love writing and all things comics and nothing gives me more excitement that knowing that I am so close to realizing my dream of publishing my very own graphic novel. There have been a lot of bumps and bruises along the way and some setbacks as well, but the entire time I was inching closer to my goal. Despite my love of writing and wanting to get this story among many others, there is a very hard reality that I am facing. Life is not always fair when someone is trying to realize a dream of theirs.

With the project nearing completion I have run out of money to fund the project. I am looking for a little help to get me to the finish line. Also, any money that is donated will help me continue to be able to buy new reading materials to review for the site. I love reading new things, unfortunately this is also a somewhat expensive addiction.

So if you have a few bucks to spare, or can throw me a dollar here or there it would be much appreciated. Your money will be well invested in bringing a dream to life. I would also like to say that your investment will not IMG_1691go without your own goodies. Check out the reward levels below.

Anything below $5 will be greatly appreciated and I thank you very much for your contribution.

$5 – If you donate $5 you will receive a very cool custom Manik Creations sticker.

$10 – Donate $10 and you will receive your very own signed piece of artwork* from the first chapter of Death’s Life, along with a Manik Creations sticker.

$25 – Donate $25 and you will receive an autographed bagged and boarded copy of the very first issue of Death’s Life.


$50 – Donate $50 and you will receive an autographed, bagged and boarded first issue of Death’s Life, an autographed pinup page*, a Manik Creations sticker, and the original character creation sketches.


Anything you can contribute will be one step closer to making my dream a reality. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Below is the link:



*The artwork shown is not the artwork I will be sending per the reward levels, it’s a surprise!



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