Demon Knights by Paul Cornell



IIMG_1786 picked this one up when DC launched their New 52 campaign a few years back. I think it is also worth mentioning that DC, from what I have heard, is once again going through another renumbering of its titles. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing? Anyways I thought it looked like a cool series, plus I really like the chIMG_1793aracter Etrigan. I first came across him from the 90’s Batman animated series, and wanted to learn more about him so I decided to pick up the first few in the series and give it a try.

I know next to nothing about Cornell but from my short research he is wildly talented and has worked on many different genres across many different titles. He is best known for his work on the Doctor Who TV show, which I have never seen, but I know it is very popular across the pond. He has also written quite a few books in the Doctor Who universe, a few of his own sifi novels, and for both DC and Marvel comics on various titles. But the accolades don’t stop there he IMG_1785has also written numerous screen plays, so as I said the dude is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to writing. I would love to talk to someone like him and pick their brain about what makes them successful, but until then you are stuck with me babbling on about nothing.

During this story Jason Blood (aka Etrigan) and his companions are traveling and wouldn’t you know it that bad luck seems to follow them everywhere. They soon find themselves in the middle of someone called The Questing Queen (Yes that is her name, and on reason I loathe reading DC titles at times. Come on no one on the staff could come up with a better villain name that that? The name does strike fear in the hearts of people IMG_1787everywhere, well not quite.) who is threatening to destroy a peaceful village. Etrigan and his friends must defend the town as well as the larger village from the evils the Queen sends at them, including mechanical dinosaurs and mechanical dragons.

As yIMG_1792ou may or may not know I am not a huge fan of the DC universe. I know I’m sorry I just can’t get into it, and I have always felt their characters are fake and too old school. With that being said I did like this series and would have continued to read it, I just didn’t because there is always something else to read.

As I said I like the character Etrigan but I am not sure I got a good feel for him in the five issues I read. I don’t read much, if any, fantasy, so this was one of my first and few attempts into the genre. I like it I just have not read enough of it. I have always been a fan of the LOTR, but never got around to reading the books, not that this one and those are similar in any way. It always irks me when people don’t give a certain genre any consideration for whatever reason. I like medieval and ancient stories, I just have not been able to find a really good one. AnIMG_1794d it sucks to say but looks like I was not the only one with this series, as it only ran for about 27 issues or so.

Still I felt it was mostly interesting, but as I am not a huge fan of the DC universe I felt that maybe I did not understand or realize any of the other characters in the series. That is something I have been wondering about, is if the events in this story are more or less stand alone, or do they somehow work into the larger DC universe. With all the jumbling going on at DC it is hard to tell.

I haIMG_1791ve always liked characters that have ancient pasts and survive to the present, which seems to be the case with Etrigan. Although, for the purposes of this series he and the story are strictly held in the past. Apocalypse is another of my favorites as he is very old yet has lived millennium to make his presence in the present. I think it would have been very cool if DC used this character in much the same way. Give him an ancient origins story which I am sure he already has, and then slowly over the course of the story bring him to present day. I think that would be really cool. But what do I know I am kid who dreams about being a writer.

I did enjoy the artwork in this one. It is very well done in fact. That is one thing I will give DC credit for. IMG_1789They seem to always have the most solid artwork for most of their stories and titles, and this one is no exception. The artwork is very traditional and what you normally think of when you open a comic. There is loads of detail in every scene, just the way I like it. The colors are also very well done, lost of bright and vibrant colors that construct some wonderfully visual scenes and build a very fascinating world. The page layouts are mostly normal, nothing to really gush about. I did notice that there was not one full page splash in any of the five issues I read, that is pretty surprising and I felt is always cool when the you get both pages filled with color and a nice big money shot of the story. I want to mention that these issues are loaded with advertisements about the New 52, almost to the point of over doing it. I am not sure if they have any more than any other single issue, but is certainly seems like they wIMG_1790ent overboard marketing the new reboot. I wonder if this is the reason there are no full page splashes through the story. I honestly cannot remember ever reading so many issues and not have a single full page splash, pretty bizarre. The cover art for the single issues are very neat with loads of detail and very striking lively images, some of the coolest I have seen. They definitely draw your attention to the books that is for sure.

I did enjoy this series, but I only read the first five issues, and I think the tbp collects the first seven. So if you check it out you get more for your buck. The artwork is solid, along with the colors and page layouts. There is nothing that will disappoint you in the artwork in this one. This one is so far from the normal genre I read that it is hard to judge. I thought it was a nice changeup, but felt the story could have used a little something extra, but still not a bad read. I recommend checking it out if you are interested in the character or the fantasy genre. There seems to be somewhat of a shortage of comics in this genre, I am not quite sure why that is. With all that being said there is a reason it is no longer an ongoing series, so take that however you like.IMG_1788



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