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image001I have been working with Jet for about a year now and I am blown awaimage004y by his professionalism and his tallent. I can honstly say that I am lucky to have such a tallented artist to help me on my first graphic novel. Luck is the best word to describe our meeting because I think I was just browsing some sequencials on deviantart and decided to send him a message asking if he would be interested in working on a project I had in mind. Without Jet this dream of mine would have never have gotten off the ground. Thank you for all your hard work Jet! Now enough of me jabbering, lets talk to the man with all the talent on the team…


Tell us a little about yourself and your background? (where are you from, where you grew up, when did you start drawing, your first project etc.)

I’m from the Philippines and was born in the slums of Manila, beneath the MouDeath_Samael Azraelnt Doom of Mordor… I think.

I started drawing when I was I kid. My mom said when I was 5 I image002use to watch cartoons all day long and drew those cartoons after. But professionally, I started when I was 19 as a figurine and novelty item designer. Then I got in to animation, film and TV storyboarding, then eventually comics.


When did you first start reading/getting into comics?

I started reading when I was a kid, I only read local comics back then since I didn’t have money to buy foreign comics such as Marvel or DC. I was only able to buy them after I grew up and got a job.

My first ever gig in comics was way back September 2009 from an independent title called TOYBOY. Written by Tom Stillwell.images

I did a lot of independent comic gigs after that and then I got a job with Dynamite Entertainment as a regular on their Green Hornet legacy title, after that Dejah Thoris.


What is your favourite thing/comic/superhero/genre to draw?

I love drawing sci-fi stuff the best, monsters and creatures are always fun as well. My genre is more a semi-cartoony style I think. My favourite superheros are Batman and Deadpool of courDeathsLife_chpter1_pg15se!


Who is your biggest influence?

My first and biggest influence would be my Dad. He was not into comics since he’s a Painter but still. He’s the biggest reason why I draw today.


What pieces of art in your portfolio are you most proud of and why?

I don’t really have one since I’m proud of every piece I do. Maybe it depends on what people who’ve seen my work would find most beautiful or interesting.


How is the comic industry different in Philippines? Do you even notice a difference, or is the industry universal?

The Philippine comic industry has long been dead since the late 80’s. They’ve been trying to revive it by releasing lots of Indies and organizing comic events. But it’s like throwing a small rock on the big ocean and trying to DeathsLife_2_cover copymake a tidal wave. Although we have lots of great artist, most of them are and want to work in the US for the big comic publishers.


Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’d like to add that working with Spalding Manik has been great and it was my first time writing down a script into panels. I’d like to thank Manik for giving me this chance to work on his first graphic novel. Also, I would like to thank our team, Mike Eranimage005dio (inks), Bryan Arfel Magnaye (colors) and Mark Oliver Santillan (letters) who’ve all been great to work with. To my family who has always been supportive and to my 2 cute babies whom at one time or another have crumpled one of my drawings. To my wife who always scolds me to drink more water, eat healthier, and stop with so much junk food.

And most of all, Thanks be to GOD ALMIGHTY for the strength and talent.

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You can check out more of Jet’s art at and (just search for Jethro Morales.)

Thanks Jet


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