Annihilators: Earthfall by Dan Abnett


When I saw they were coming out with another limiteIMG_1761d series with this team, I knew I had to check it out. My mindset was that I had come this far might as well finish it out. Once again because I was so excited about this series coming out I collected these single issues when they were first released, as with the original Annihilators.

Dan Abnett is the writer of this series so I will not waste any more time talking about him or his other works.

At the end of The Thanos Imperative Magus, who is the counterpart to Adam Warlock, is killed. The Universal Church of Truth, which are the bad guys from the Cancerverse are trying to resurrect him back on Earth. The Annihilators get wind of this and they rush to Earth toIMG_1760 stop the resurrection. The Avengers think they are under attack and fight the Annihilators. Will they be able to work out their differences and figure out they are on the same side in time?

I thought this one was better than the original Annihilators series, but not by much. I felt the overall story was better and has more to offer than the first one, but I felt that it was still lacking much conviction. I did feel that there were a few things that were kind of silly that could have been avoided, but it made fIMG_1759or a better story.

For example, when the Annihilators show up on Earth they immediately start making a ruckus and fighting with the Avengers. Which again I think made for better story as who does not want to see Gladiator and Red Hulk fight it out and then throw in the Thing as well. It all just seemed kind of silly to me, like one of them could have not have had a normal conversation. Mr. Captain America sir, we are here looking for bla bla can you helpIMG_1763 us. Why yes Annihilators we would love to help. While that would not have made the story more exciting by any means I felt it was a bit childish and to me showed a lack of creativity among the writers.

With that being said I think it is safe to say that most superheroes have a bit of an ego problem. So when someone orIMG_1758 anyone starts barking orders or telling them what to do I don’t think that sits well. So I guess I understand the reasons the Annihilators and the Avengers were fighting but still felt like it was unnecessary and just thrown in to give the story some much needed action.

As I mentioned above I did like this story and the premise, but I felt that it was lacking in a few areas. The execution is a big one for me. As you know I love the characters and what they have been through, but I felt the story was a little lackluster when compared to what they have already been through. Perhaps that is IMG_1757part of my problem is that there are so many awesome stories out there that deal with these characters that I am always comparing them with the new stuff. I think if you just take this story at surface level you will not be disappointed, but that is easier said than done especially if you have been following them from the beginning.

At the end of each book there is a short story involving Rocket Raccoon and Groot. It seems that no matter what these two characters will always be tied to the other cosmic superheroes. The story involves Mojo, yeah when was the last time you saw him, but he seems to be producing a TV show involving Rocket and Groot. It is pretty weird and because the character is somewhat comedic most IMG_1756of his stories are as well.

The artwork is a mostly traditional style, but it does have some cartoony undertones. It does not come off as well in the pictures I posted but there are a few scenes where the style is a bit suspect if you are being picky. All in all it is fine and you will not be disappointed with the style but I do not think it is up to the normal traditional style that I am use to. There is just something about it that lacks a certain detail that normally accompanies the traditional style. The page layouts and the scene selections are solid and what you would expect from a large MarIMG_1762vel event. There are some very cool full page splashes and fight scenes that will leave you smiling. I love the colors in this one, they are very vibrant full and rich. That is always one thing I really like about the cosmic superhero stories, is they always seem to have great colorist or flatters as they are called in the business. It is actually called flatting, but I used a different tense of the word, and it kind of sounds funny. Anyways, the artwork in the Rocket miniseries is highly stylized and perpetuates the comedic nature of the story. For once I am okay with a cartoony style. In fact I think it totally fits the tone of the story and the characters involved. This is one time when I wilIMG_1755l give props to a team that knew their characters and picked a style that accentuated them and the story. I wish more artist and writers would realize this when they team up. It bugs me to no end where a serious story is accompanied with very ridiculous artwork that I cannot take serious, and vice versa. Although, I have not seen a funny story with very detailed and traditional artwork in it, it is mostly the former. I would also like to make a distinction between the simple rudimentary artwork that sometimes accompanies works like Persepolis and The Property that is very different iIMG_1754n my opinion. I digress, but I did like how the artwork complimented the story, that is something you do not see very often.

All in all I think this is one that will be up to you. If you have followed these characters through everything that I have you certainly will want to see it through to the end, but if you are on the fence then you are not going to miss much. I liked the premise but the story did lack a certain execution that I felt would have made it better. Artwork is ok nothing over the top same can be said about the page layouts. Colors in my opinion are above average. Don’t forget that you do get a short story with Rocket in this one so you do get a little extra for youIMG_1753r buck. I say check this one out if you are interested, if not you are not missing much.


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