The Thanos Imperative by Dan Abnett



IMG_1714Because I had basically read everything that had to do with outer space from the Marvel universe, I knew I had to see it through to the end. Believe it or not this book actually wraps up pretty much all the cosmic events much like the Siege did back on Earth, ushering in the “Heroic Age” for the Marvel universe. Basically this meant that going forward the cosmic heroes would have fewer crossovers and things would be more straight forward. As far as I know this is true as there is only a Nova series, GOTG, and I think a Silver Surfer series that I have heard very little about other than they redesigned his looks so he looks like the 70’ surfer. I think there is also a Star Lord series out there as well.

If you have been following the reviews I have posteIMG_1709d lately Abet was the writer for all of the cosmic characters in the Marvel universe. He has worked on Annihilation, Annihilation: Conquest, WOK, and ROK. As I said this guy is my new favorite writer that I never knew about. I read all of these events and never realized that he was the genius behind them.

The plot of this one is basically exactly the same as ROK’s but with all the major characters making an appearance. ROK’s focused more on the lesser known character and the ones that were not necessarily in the main story. TTI is about the GOTG and Nova finally coming together to confront a major villain in the Marvel cosmic universe, take a guess as to who that might be, along with battling the Cancerverse villians. Remember that way back in Annihilation this bad guy was killed and now he is back with a vengeance. The story follows the cosmic heroes as they try to defeat not only this bad guy but the villains from the Cancerverse.

I thought this one was really cool for a variety of different reasons. There are a lot of cool ideasIMG_1711 at play here dealing with life and death, not to mention the culmination of so many different events finally converging to this final story line. That is what I liked most about this one. I had followed this one from pretty much the beginning and it was a cool experience, one that was new to me. I had always wondered how comic readers could get so worked up over the changes that certain characters go through over time. It seems that you always see fans getting upset about a new character or a new power they have or how their story has changed. For the first time I can relate to them and understand where fans are coming from.

I have gotten to love and know the GOTG andIMG_1712 Richard Rider as Nova. I was a little disappointed with how Gamoria and Drax were portrayed in the movie GOTG, but overall it was really well done. I didn’t like how they both seemed to be complete idiots, that was a little weird in my opinion. Although, I will say that I think the original Drax was some sort of brainless fighting machine. So perhaps they were going for that angle, still though it sucks when you get to know characters only to have them do a complete 180.

The same can be said for Nova. In my mind there is only one Nova and that is Richard Rider, sorry Sam Alexander you are an imposter! I cannot talk up the Nova series enough, it is trulIMG_1713y my favorite series that I have ever read, but that is a review for another time.

As I mentioned above there are some interesting ideas that are tossed around in this one. The more I think about it there are some pretty deep thoughts that go along with this story. The writers at Marvel never cease to amaze me. There are some times where I think they create this overly complex plot that brings us to a point, and always seems to be solved by some fairly simple solution. This one is similar in the way that it is a mostly simple solution, but I thought it was pretty clever in my opinion. The more I think about it it makes me smile.

I would also like to mention that there aIMG_1716re three endings to this one, or at least I think so. There is the ending where the sort of main problem is solved, and then there is the ending that deals with the resurrection of the famous villain returning, then there is the ending that sets in motion the following events, in particular the assembling of the Annihilators, which is a team like GOTG but way more powerful. This group consists of Quasar, Gladiator, Beta Ray Bill, Silver Surfer, and Ronan, this is a pretty badass group if you ask me. Their exploits are gathered in two miniseries that I will be reviewing soon.

All three endings are great and close this long storyline andIMG_1717 bring them to a point, but from that point also launches the cosmic universe into the Heroic Age phase. The Heroic Age was an attempt by Marvel to streamline a lot of the Marvel universe characters and not have as many crossovers. While this event was happening in space the Siege event was happening back on Earth. (I am not 100% sure this is accurate, but I am fairly certain, at the very least I am certain that was the case back on Earth. I have not found anything that this was the case for the cosmic characters, I am just assuming.)

The artwork in this one is absolutely spectacular. When I IMG_1718was flipping back though to find some cool scenes to post with this review, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed reading this one. The battle scenes are awesome, tons of colors, big battles and destruction everywhere. It is an all out war that is perfectly captured with the artwork and wonderfully captured scenes. The style is traditional with loads of detail and it never waivers. I think this style is perfect for the seriousness of the storyline and the two really mesh well together. The colors are great in this one, everything jumps off the page to create bright vibrant scenes. There were a few scenes that I almost had to squint my eyes for fear they would be blinded by an energy blast or an epic explosion. Page layouts and scene selections are once again great. As far as the artwork goes there is nothing I canIMG_1720 say negatively about this one. Everything about it is over the top but done right.

I loved this one and all the series that went along with it. This story is truly one of the best space operas Marvel has done, and that is really saying something. I think to get the best reading experience you should start with Uncanny X-Men: Rise of the Shia’r Empire, Annihilation, Annhilation: Conquest, Nova, GOTG, WOK, and ROK (is ok, not one that I highly recommend so feel free to skip that on if you want) and finally The Thanos Imperative. To collect all these will no doubt get expensive but all of these are such great stories and the artwork is phenomenal in almost every event. These have all been out for some time so I would check your local used book store for some of the used trades.

I cannot recommend all of these events enough and for the precipice of the storyline to end with TTI it was truly an amazing ride. So many characters, battles, deaths, and resurrections along the way will have you wondering how it will all play out. IMG_1721A big kudos to Marvel for outdoing themselves with not only this book, but the entire cosmic storyline, truly great work.


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