2016 Award Winners

Best Novel – (nominees in no particular order)

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep

Where Futures End



Simularcron – 3

October First is Too Late


On a Pale Horse


Winner – (tie) Wired & On a Pale Horse   

Runner Up – We

Honorable Mention – Simularcron – 3


Best Graphic Novel (superhero)

Hulk: The End

The Star Wars

Star Wars Darth Maul Son of Dathmir


The Visions

Miss Fury

The Ant


Winner – Incognito

Runner Up – The Visions

Honorable Mention The Ant



Graphic Novel (Non-Superhero)

The Bunker

Dark Light 

The Upturned Stone 

Interesting Drug

Space 1999: Aftershock and Awe


The Collector



Space Riders

Night and the Enemy

Attack on Titan

Lady Killer


Winner – (tie) The Bunker & Space 1999: Aftershock and Awe

Runner Up – (tie) Northlanders & Dark Light

Honorable Mention – The Collector





Bluegrass Conspiracy

Parallel Worlds 

For the Time Being

Time Travel in Einstein’s Universe

Our Final Invention



Winner – Parallel Worlds

Runner Up – Bluegrass Conspiracy

Honorable Mention – (tie) Wheelman & Our Final Invention




Best Overall Story


On a Pale Horse

The Visions

The Bunker




Winner – (tie) On a Pale Horse & The Visions

Runner Up – The Bunker

Honorable Mention – Incognito



Best Artwork


The Visions


The Collector

Dark Light


Winner – Enormous

Runner Up – The Collector

Honorable Mention – Dark Light




Best Interview of 2016 – this is a new category this year and one that I hope I will be able to continue. I love talking to writers and artist, so hopefully they will continue to answer my questions. Below is every interview I did this year, some of the writers I read last year. If you get a chance check out some of the them.

Piers Anthony – writer of On a Pale Horse

Mike Resnik – writer, 5 Time Hugo Award Winner

Fabian Rangel Jr – creator of Space Knights

Tim Daniel – creator of Enormous

Charles Wilson – writer of Darwinia

Douglas E. Richards – writer of Wired

Andrew E. C. Gaska – writer of Space: 1999

Jemery Barlow – writer of Star Wars Darth Maul

Parker Peevyhouse – writer of Where Futures End

Peter Milligan – creator of The Programme

MT Anderson – author of Feed, Nation Book Award Winner

Chad Kultgen – creator of Dark Light

Jill Tarter – SETI Institute

Daniel Wilson – writer of Robopocalypse

Jemery Bastian -creator Cursed Pirate Girl

Shaun Manning – creator Interesting Drug

Joshua Hale Fialkov creator- The Bunker

Ray Coffman creator of Araura


Winner – Chad Cultgen

Runner Up – Douglas E. Richards

Honorable Mention – Jill Tarter


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